Sunday, April 03, 2011

How a man breaks

  I think surviving until the next Saturday will be hard. The events have accelerated. Dan Saran decided to become a gisaeng, and of course Ah Damo almost demolished Buyonggak when he stormed the place. For the last 2 weeks I didn't have the time to watch my beloved series properly, but tomorrow will be my re-watch^^. Some may say that this drama is messed up in terms of blood relations, everyone seems to be connected. Yes, but do not forget that this drama doesn't depict the society. It rather presents few people entangled in mutual fate. We have only 3 families here and Buyonggak (Gisaengs' House). Lots of other people are to complement the story. And since writers decided only for 3 families, don't be fussy. This is exactly the reason why I love Kdrama and not the Archipelago counterpart. 

  Because it focuses on people's emotions and not obligations towards the society. It doesn't moralize, it doesn't explicitely shows what's good and what's wrong. We judge the characters, we conlude. Violent emotions and wide spectrum of it, along with actors who are able to convey them, always make my days (and nights). Whenever I tremble after the end of an episode, it's a good sign. And yess, I cuss at loud sometimes at the screen.
So, fine, I have somewhat odd taste. *shrugs* Noh and kyougen were never my taste. The former is too static, the latter overacted. I prefer Shakespeare's plays. Korean dramas are like his legacy.
Oh well, and bitch-slapping fest sometimes. Like today, heh...

Saran's decision is not made out of the broken heart, but rather broken womanly pride. It's not hasty, driven by tears and emo-psyche-self-mutilation.
And Damo is falling apart.

I cut the opening from the drama, not available on HANrel:

If anyone wants^^

On official website there is a post with competition going, who looks better: Saran (first picture) or Rara (second one). As for me, Saran wins hands down!