Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Music update

   Actually there wasn't any spectacular debut/comeback last few weeks, at least not for me, because I don't listen to girl groups and I don't care.
Tei is going to the army next Tuesday, so my one-year-long waiting for his opera album just went to shag itself, no news on any album of my loved voices (SMEnt, we really need to talk) and latest KRY song for To the Beautiful You drama is simply bad. The only ray of sunshine is Ryeowook and his Immortal Song 2 appearance.
*Flash news: screw all, I just watched SJ's SPY MV...

   To top the draught in music for me, Rumble Fish' new song is a crap and I don't like it, but I liked the previous one (for New Tales of Gisaeng, that is, oh yeah a YEAR ago).
So, few songs, maybe not the newest, but still from 2012.
And no, I promise not to post any Wookie or Dino video.

Urban Zakapa - Always Be Mine 

에피톤 프로젝트(Epitone Project) - 새벽녘

Since Delispice released new album... I can't not mention it. It's actually a MA, not the regular, but good to see them back with classic Delispice sounds and voices. But I will be frank, this mini didn't knocked me off my feet, I expected something more, some twist, something more. My favorite song is "Bracelet", because it reminds me a bit of old traditions, plus I like such hypnotic beats. But you may like to check also Delispice (델리스파이스) - 레인메이커.

Delispice - 팔찌를 자르며 Bracelet: 

몽구스 (Mongoose) - 보헤미안 걸프렌드 (Bohemian Girlfriend):

Peppertones also returned in July.
Peppertones - For All Dancers:

And lastly, Woolliment biggest trolling lately, twin duo Tasty. You Know Me is the single, with killer dance moves of the brothers, but my personal fave is "Buster". It kinda reminds me some HOT's songs, just sayin'... Since Epic High went officially under YG (you happy, Daryn?), Woollim needs hep-hap/rapping group, me seems. Oh well, brothers are adorkable. Still, to judge them, I'd need full album.