Friday, November 15, 2013

November Music

   I have not been a great blogger recently. Those who know me, are aware I even abandonned Twitter (what seems like an impossible task, but...) to focus on reading and writing. I read a lot and I wrote a lot, of course, but not a half of it had anything in common with my PhD course. I was listening to music, though. Like, a lot. 
That doesn't mean I was out of touch of everything Korean, no. You know I cannot leave voices for a long time, so no, Jonghyeon and others (*cough cough*) were my companions the past few weeks and I'm updated. However, this post is about the music I mean to introduce to everyone, cause I know few people bother to check my constant scrobbling.

   I will not list songs that can keep me through the nights (and days), because most of the people know whose voices those are. One funny thing regarding the music I will list though. I belong to the dying breed of people who still buy CDs, even though my own sister (working at Musical Publishing Company here) says that CD is a medium sentenced to be thrown into the oblivion. I like CDs, I like the little booklets, I like the feel of the CD etc.
And of course I ordered SHINee new EP around mid-October. I was expecting the CD but all I got was the note from Tax&Customs Office that my package has been withheld and I have to fulfill all their demands (some paperwork) and pay the additional tax or whatever to get my CD. I called them and said it's worth less than 14$, but looks like my country wants to make the money out of me even more. Not out of those who import the products of millions on the value but my mere CD. OK, fine, I called them  and asked why. Just like my Sis said - the protection of the market. That's fine, I'd buy Korean music were it available in Europe. It is not, so all this should go and royally fuck itself.

   I love Jonghyeon and I will pay, cause it's not Korea's or his fault, but still, it makes my blood boils.
On the other hand, maybe should I play Lotto, 'cause the chances of being selected for screening are as equal as to winning this or being chosen for Hunger Games.

OK, music.


David Garret's rendition of Bach's "Air':

And this one is for those who are NOT afraid of anything:

As my friend said: "they have really strong booze in Scandinavia".
This MV and song mocks every other MV and song. it's insane, out of place, ludicrous and funny.

Actually here the dancing makes the most of it although I usually listen to Youssou N'Dour with no problem:

Have no idea why I stumbled upon this on YT but here it is:

Also, in case anyone cares: I'm mostly listening to Soundtracks from movies and dramas I listed here. Yes, I've listened to almost all of those OSTs. Including brilliant Tangled song about the dream.

I should probably start a list of OSTs as well, because:

British literature based movies/dramas OSTs are a different story, this is why I don't list those here, although my neighbours probably hate Dario Marianelli already, heh.

To close the topic, me and music form quite an... Obssession...

I want to be reborn as one of two microphones. One of those is his...