Saturday, April 16, 2011

Music again

   Nothing big, but just 4 things I found out and thought maybe someone will like it. And as you see on the picture above, another live performances from Opera Star are available.

It goes like this:
Aile Vol.1 - Emotion
As for this album, ekhem... but I really like track nr 4. 

Handsome People - all singles plus W&Whale
And the video for their single Crazy (included in this link)


김범수 6집 - Kim Bum Soo 6.rar

V.A - tvN Operastar (오페라스타) 2011 Part.1 (Live) 2011.04.06
V.A - tvN Operastar (오페라스타) 2011 Part.2 (Live) 2011.04.13

And two separate songs I found on Melon Charts:

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  1. Thanks for sharing fun music, as always! Let me also share something I've been hung up over... these 2 amateur singers with fabulous voices singing 2 awesome songs.


    Lim Jae Beom's 사랑보다 깊은 상처 -

    Bubble Sisters' 애원 -