Monday, April 04, 2011


This time really quick. I know it's not much, but I promise I'll be better soon.

Handsome People and W & Whale - the covers I posted listening to some posts ago.
Oh, I'm still shivering from W & Whale version... oh damn...
Handsome People & W & Whale
Yun Dohyeon Band Complete

And OST for Detective K:
V.A - 조선명탐정:각시투구 꽃의 비밀 OST 2011

One song from Glove OST:
John Park n Huh Gak - MY BEST


  1. Stealing Handsome People and W & Whale, thank you^^

  2. Yoon Band complete?!? WOW. Paradise.

  3. I'm completing W & Whale now, so be patient^^
    Bad thing is - they have random songs on different OSTs sometimes, and unless I saw the drama, I can't be sure if I didn't miss anything.