Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This will be the only yellow element in my room. I can live with that.

   ... again and again and again. With the... nevermind. Although tracks were leaked yesterday, I'm a loyal fan and after running like mad from work to be on time when live streaming of their showcase started today, I listened to the full album.
And I like what I hear.
It's light, natural, unpretentious. It has clearly INFINITE mark on it, which is not all that liked among fans, from what I read. They say boys' tracks sometimes need to 'get used to those'. Of course they're different. Woolliment (a moment to kneel while saying thy holy name) is not a mainstream, huge agency like certain *cough* SMthing *cough*. 

   I was at first not the happiest with boys' concept pics. Especially the hair. But seeing them today live, and seeing Chaser MV - all this disappeared. OK, maybe Hoya's weird haircut is little off, but...
Let's first move to the album. It's a mini-album actually but all tracks are new, not remixes of old ones, new track, y'all!
As always, and it looks like a traditon on Infinite's albums, they have intro, called... well, INFINITIZE. It's full of energy and at least 2 back-up lines overlapping one another, which makes a lovely mesh (yes, not mess).

This one keeps messing with me. Stop it, you're way too young!!
   Chaser reminds a bit of Be Mine. But as I said, all their songs have something in common, they have this similar notes woven here and there. This way, anyone who listens to it can distinguish their style from other groups. And a moment to spazz a bit - both Wuhyeon and Seonggyu improved tremendously (as if they were bad, heh), but also Seongjong, who is no longer one sweet cute maknae, but a growing bitch. During their live showcase today, Wuhyeon knocked me down with his deep, powerful part. It might be the fact the whole sound was switched to his mic this moment or the right camera was on, but damn, damn. Boy is a gem. Both he and Seonggyu (this one has slightly broader range of voice, especially high notes), but there is something in Wuhyeonnie's voice that allures me. Maybe something similar to Kim Jonghyeon's depth? I dunno...
Feel So Bad is pure 80s music. With lots of Dongwu, for all those who are interested. Looks like this ball of sunshine finally gets more attention (all hail the shy freak!). But an absolute gem is In The Summer. It's been ages since I heard such light, well sung, arranged and original song (actually no, it's not, but as this was the 'hidden track' of Paradise album, I couldn't talk about this, no one ripped and uploaded it anywhere too. Inspirits are good fans). This is so going on my player. If you need something perfectly arranged, sunny and nicely sung - this song is absolutely amazing. And the chorus, the rhytm of it. It reminds me of, speaking about rhytm, Julia from the previous album (which song I love to bits). Only Tears - Dongwu is singing his parts too and this is worth mentioning. I wonder, is there anything they can't do, or at least try doing. Even L's voice is not all that bleak in this one. A lovely ballad, with piano main line and additional violins. Speaking about that - In The Summer has lovely acoustic guitar. All Infinite's songs have this in common - using real, life instruments. Even during their concerts.
You're Fine (I Like You) is another funny and light 80's funky song. It brings so many memories. With Wuhyeon's low notes. Oh damn. Too bad it's really short, not even 3 minutes long. WITH repeats a bit Only Tears certain music line. In this song more exposure get those who are not considered as main vocals here, this is why I like it. Their singing is not as sure as those two gems, but it's lovely, and I laud Woollim's effort to create such song. And those lovely choruses - making me wanting to learn it and sing the back up along with boys (I've always liked nice back-up). But don't worry, certain Namstar will show his inner diva here too. In a subtle manner, he's not there yet.

The MV.
Woollim creates pure art in terms of MVs (vide: latest Nell video). I'm not going to spazz about MV, I just watch it again and again and again. Until decent 1080 version appears.

So yes, there is a possibility to make a beautiful, artistic MV without cross-dressing, sweaty, slutty, whatever images you have in mind. Without tons of CGIs, etc.
Boys grow up fast, especially Seongjong, and along with this - they also develop and improve.
Oh, and I'm glad they don't follow the same path as other boy groups - the pressure to have huge, deep-beat, pounding tracks. Some may find Infinite's songs boring, but I'm a boring person, so I love them. Deal with that (*insert annoyed-Jong-gif here*)

One more thing. So far, even after 700 days in business, them professional critics don't take both vocals here under the consideration with some lists. Lately, when I saw Niel (Teen Tap Top) on such list with lack of Seonggyu/Wuhyeon on it - I almost flipped the table. Oh yes, I'm going personal now, dear fangirls.
They are certainly better than most of them idol singers out there. And they're rookies in fact, 2 years in business when they had their first big concert live last year is not that much. But they improve quickly.
Oh yes, I'm fangirling a bit. But I feel they deserve the recognition. As a fan I will be satisfied only when I will start seeing them on such lists.

So, where is my copy of this album?? I need this NAO!!