Thursday, October 25, 2012

Immortal Song 2 miraculous update

   Miraculous because one little gem reappeared. On October 20th, Immortal Song 2 featured Ryeowook's appearance, and if you are still unfamiliar with my close-to-obssession state over this crystal ball of talent, well, you haven't been reading my spazz for long, that's for sure.

   If you're able to move to another performance, you can, go ahead.
OK, the end of spazz. Wookie seems to work hard on his voice, especially the low notes. His low sounded in the past a bit shaky and unsteady, but ever since YDH MUST last year, he seems to improve in this department. I like also the song, I could just analyse it line by line I like the music of it so much. It's hypnotic and somewhat reminds me of Blackmore's Night's certains beats, tambours etc. Or am I just weird? The guitar intro has something in common with Maya's Azalea, but the borrowing would be the other way round, I guess.


Kim Taewu reporting here:

Seong Hun from Brown Eyed Soul:


There is some secret place if you want...