Thursday, January 24, 2013

William Wei 韋禮安

   There is his website here so you can read info (or not). He has also small page on wikipedia in English, just in case. As I mentioned in earlier post, I got to know this kid through "In Time With You" OST, which quickly climbed to be one of the nicest soundtracks I listened to, it kinda gave me "Coffee Prince" vibes with its mellow, nice melodies.
Today I put the album I'm writing this short post about on my "Want it NAO!!" list and most likely will roam YesAsia or other evil websites for that (hay sis, I know what I want for Birfday).

Post especially made for one friend out there!

There is a channel on YT for this one.
I actually liked this song very much.

Or this

And this:

You can try and have it from here to listen, but I know I want hard copy.