Friday, April 13, 2012

Nell is back

I posted the vid on DA few days ago, but realized it has to be known outside it. Nell for me is either hit or miss, I don't like their "post-punk" songs, but I do like their ballads. While watching this MV I almost cried.

The album is called Slip Away and somehow the tracks fit the title. I'm more inclined to Nell, maybe because the groups has been around for some time and, fortunately, I didn't miss their albums, than to, say, Busker Busker. The latter have this indie feel I absolutely hate.

All of you probably know, Nell is under Woolliment (yes, I got to know about this album from mah Infinite boys tweets, shame). And Woollim not only creates great artists, they also create a perfect package for them. MVs "made by Woollim" are pure art. Usually lyrics and videos have nothing or little in common, yet they set such high standards, I think only few - not only Korean - artists can achieve that.

 It's one of the saddest music videos I have seen recently. 
Lee Minki is really perfect in this one. His gaze is haunting. But soon he won't need poison, he's just pack of bones and I miss his shoulders.