Saturday, July 07, 2012

New Music

   LedApple released their mini album, I Do I Do released OST and... and Deli Spice came back with a song for the drama. First thing first - I Do I Do OST is great. For some time no one cared to include instrumentals in OSTs, so we got only main songs and sometimes one instrumental version of one of those songs. The most recent would be History of the Salaryman that had nice music but not included in the official soundtrack. 

I Do I Do OST reminds me a bit of Coffee Prince score which is, in my opinion, unbeatable up to this day. It is a mix of swing, bossa nova, ambient, many many tracks that appear all over the drama. Jian main theme gives energy and will to conquer the world.
I highly recommend to anyone to listen to it, especially the instrumental tracks - they're great.

And while we're on swing, the very first track on LedApple's album is called Swing, and damn me, it's a swing with a modern twist. This song is gorgeous.
I'm slightly disappointed that Hanbyeol doesn't have a solo here but only Geonwu, but it's OK, I guess.

Deli Spice ad their characteristic percussion - it's a very delispicy song.

Plus, since Ryeowook twitted this (another stalker on the internets, I see), I can't not post this. His appearance on Immortal Song 2 today.