Sunday, May 01, 2011

Cuts and music

   Not only Yucheon, but well... His cut has whole 13 seconds. Yes, that beats 15 seconds of KNG cut I did once. Ekhem...
Plus, The Greatest Love cast interview. I don't think I like Yu Inna, but everyone can feel otherwise. But it's worth it for Gong Hyojin and Cha Seungwon. Even though I fear Hong sisters' script.

Yucheon cut:

And interview:
 Section TV 2011-05-01 - Great Love Cast Interview

Opera Star updates:
V.A - tvN Operastar (오페라스타) 2011 Part.4 (Live) 2011.04.24
V.A. tvN Operastar (오페라스타) 2011 Part.5 (Live) 2011.05.01

Shim Hyun Bo - Simple Collection