Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fluxus strikes back

   Because anything is better than reading about key-hole shape tombs in Korea and Samhan tribes. I've been suffering lately from Tei withdrawal, listening obsessively to his 4th album and stalking Fluxus YT. This way, I present new MV of Annyeongbada/Bye Bye Sea (their vocalist clearly saw Molko in his best make-up period). Song is awesome and MV is damn nice as well. Apart from that, another song that has been on my loop since some time already.
And since I have nothing to report ( I mean I would, but that would deem me insane) of any value, just two songs today.
Oh, and btw. Ga... Asia Princes cut his hair. Let's make February's end international mourning day for Princess' curls.
Anyone knew 'some angel' had Tokyo fanmeeting? Yeah, this is why it's called 'fanmeeting', not 'let the whole WORLD bow down to my glory'. Especially when you have nothing to show really.

Yes, actually I could bitch again about Galaxy Treasure that is JGS, but why? I hope he donated his curls to some museum, or maybe genetics lab so they can extract some DNA and clone...
Oh gods... I just imagined that. We'd be doomed.

Anyway, Annyeongbada:

And my latest fix: Buga Kingz (부가킹즈) - Don't Go (돈고):  

Come to think of it, I didn't spam with Infinite lately. Hm... I will repent, I promise. But what should I write about Big Dipper other than 'flawless, perfect, talent, blah blah, awesome, blah blah'?