Thursday, June 17, 2010

Best Movie OST

Korean that is. I will try to post about the best drama OST, but in the future (near I hope).
What can I do? Miindo won again. But this movie is simply stunning, both visually and in the music department. 
And here I would like to repeat after another, Western this time, artist who sang: There are twenty years to go, best of all I hope... I hope as well. I hope I will be able to witness many spectacular movies, I will  be able to listen to many beautiful soundtracks and OSTs. But as for now, this is my TOP 10 (now 5, cause I got no time till tomorrow).
And as always, the list is totally personal, subjective, biased, short...
Don't read if you can't swallow other people's opinions.

1. Miindo (2008). Wins hands down. Beautiful instrumental music, beautiful Lee Ann's song. While watching the MV for this song for the first time, I had watery eyes. I mean, I knew what happened and the way how those people were captured in the MV made me unspeakably sad. Especially Kang Mu. He was shown in his cheerful, bright moments, yet fading in one scene on the hill. Perfectly played by Kim Nam Gil (oh, stop it, my stupid heart!), who was able to show adamant will and vulnerability of Kang Mu. OK, I will stop here, this is not a post about how wonderful actor he is...


2. The Classic (2003): Actually my first Korean OST I have listened to and I loved it immediately. Why? Deli Spice's Gobaek is one of the reasons, but also Han Sung Min's song. The movie is a classic melodrama, but I find this film optimistic. Yes, there was a tragic death, yes, the lovers we were rooting for couldn't be together, but in the end, we had fireflies again. Those fireflies. Plus Jo In Sung in this movie, people!
Video for Han Sung Min: More Love...

3. ...Ing (2005): yes, this is all because of Kim Rae Won. I have such a soft spot for him. Movie, as always, with a tragic ending, but I didn't mind it here. Because it left me with doubts. Did Min Ah actually believed in his feelings or not? She read her mother's diary, but I still want to believe she did. Plus Bang Jung Seok makes one of the best music in the movie industry. And Lee Seung Yeol is one of the best voices out there. Period. Don't believe me? Check out OST for On Air. Really.

4. No Regret (2006): long story short - I love this movie to bits. A beautiful love story with what I want to believe - a happy ending.
 Especially one piece - the one when two stories collide: one - Su Min is in the hospital with a friend who tells him about 그사람, and Jae Min is in the uhmm... "karaoke bar"... I have goosebumps. The same melody is repeated after the short conversation in the hotel room, with Jae Min's holding a water gun.

5. My Sassy Girl: after watching this movie, I watched Windstruck. Then I got the entire story. But after it, I heard about the Hollywd version of MSG and I almost threw up. Oh, pleeeeze, Holly-crappy-wood, are you run out of fresh ideas? If you really have to do remakes of Asian movies, at least do it with style...

I Believe:

6. Madeleine: such good OST, but it went unnoticed. I guess Jo In Sung appears in many my posts, hmm... Although he is not my TOP 5, but maybe he should? Come out from the military service, In Sung-ah! Then we'll talk.

7. Il Mare: I was reluctant to see this movie knowing Hollywood, once again, ripped off from Korean cinema. But it turned out surprisingly good. 

Kim Hyun Chul: Must say Goodbye:

8. Antique
9. JSA
10. Sad Movie

There are of course other good OSTs, that is why I had such hard time picking up 10. Like "I'm a Cyborg But That's OK", "Happy Time", etc.