Monday, May 06, 2013

May The Music Be With You

Lame title, I know, but with recent news regarding SHINee's very own Dino and his accident, I'm happy I can actually write here.
As for new music, to be honest, nothing knocked me down my feet (SHINee excluded, thankyouverymuch), however I feel obliged to report on this 1% of whatever I'm listening to and maybe someone would find this useful. Doubtful, very doubtful, but whatever.

   And while browsing here and there I realized we have a blooming season of indie bands trying to make it audible and claiming "they're different and real music". Yeah, I heard it with CNBlue which for me is as genuine as Park Min-young's nose*.

OK, so let's start:
Rose Motel (or Hotel) - quintet of men claiming it's rock. It's rock-ish, fun but well... Oh, just listen yourself.

Shin Yongjae for All About My Romance drama, which is very, very his style.

You know I'm snoozefest sucker, so here you have Vibe.
Vibe (바이브) - 꼭 한번 만나고 싶다 (For The Last Time)

Bubble Sisters released the single as well, and since I'm on good terms with those ladies, I present the song here as well:

   I'm still watching Voice of Korea2 (how could I not), and I'm giving you this man. Yun Seonggi's voice is maybe not the top right now, but damn, he sings in a quite peculiar way. There is something broken in his voice I like. There is a power in his voice I like. And I'm saying this despite him NOT being on One And Only Universe's team, ekhem.
This season has me in a fix, to be honest. So many great voices there and sadly we had 10th episode last Friday (sobbing):

Yeah, I'm biased, he has an awesome voice. You want more?

 Sidenote: Kangta (a.k.a. Universe) is one awesome man. And his reactions are the awesomest thing you will ever encounter in your mundane peasants lives, so be grateful for those 3 minutes, OK?

I'm before listening to Younha's album (yes, album, more than 2 songs!!), so I can't say anything and I never judge albums by the promo singles. Her newest MV stars Park Ki Woong, so just leaving it here for teh ladies.

And just when you thought I forgot... Have some Jonghyeon's song from the newest album. Yes, it's creepy.

* Before hating on me, one might as well read beforehand, this cute girl admitted to PS. OK?