Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MAMA voting

Like I even care since JYJ is banned, and this is basically popularity awards. The truth is - I care for my 7 Derps, and I wanted to vote, just like the last year, and the year before etc. The thing is I can't. There is a statement on MAMA voting page that each ID can vote once per day. And I'm reading on various fora that it's not only my case.
Mnet Asian Music Awards accused of vote fabrication
Accusations of a rigged voting system for the MAMA's "Best Newcomer Award" have been popping up on various websites. Netizens who participated in the voting allege that "it seems there is a system that automatically increases Huh Gak's votes by two or three every time you vote for another nominee".
Other comments left by netizens go along the line of, "Huh Gak gained popularity through Mnet's 'Super Star K2' and has a lot of mass appeal, so it's possible to conclude that those votes are legitimate. However most people wouldn't go [to the website] to vote everyday and besides, it's hard to understand how fandoms that are three times the size of his have recorded lesser votes."

A representative from Mnet responded to the ballooning allegations saying, "That is something that absolutely will not happen. It's nonsense. Does it make sense that the system is rigged? It is completely untrue. The voting system in place is very fair."

The MAMAs will be held on November 29th at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at 7pm.

Source: Daily Sports & koreaboo

The truth is - I voted for Heo Gak too in OST category (not in Artist), but seeing the nominations makes me really frustrated. Seeing the winning results make me believe every conspiracy theories existing.
Here are rankings in categories that I care the most:

And group dance category. Cassies are hardworking fandom, I have to admit, few days ago SuJu were leading, and now DBSK. 

And overall ranking:

 Song of the Year - Mr. Simple? Oh give me a break, I just can't...

(screenshots taken today, Nov. 15th)

OK, I know, mah boys won't win anything, because they don't have such powerful and crazy fandoms (or even stans) like the others, but there are things that bug be.