Thursday, November 03, 2011

Signs of Progress in Ongoing Lawsuits between JYJ’s side & Avex/SM

   What more can I say? Is this some kind of progress? I want to believe (and the whole fandom as well) that this is this progress we were all hoping for. Maybe after this, law will finally hit SMEnt?
I could write many thoughts I have now as for why SMEnt is looking for reconcillation, although this is absolutely impossible now. Fear. SMEnt knows that if law rules in favor of JYJ, they will have to pay for the damage and obstructing boys' lifes and activity. Maybe this would be possible two years ago, when the thought about splitting was just forming and the cracks were deepening, but not now. Maybe then SMEnt could sit and talk it through with those three young men. But we know SMEnt doesn't sit and talk.
I will be updating everyone on this matter still.

Note: Toshiro Ono is a freelance nonfiction writer who writes mostly about the mafia and crime. Below is a translation of his blog entry that details actions taken by both sides of the CJeS and Avex lawsuit, as well as his thoughts on the reasoning behind those actions.
Signs of Progress
The below is from records of the trial between C-JeS Entertainment and Avex Management at Tokyo District Court. (Trial Material for Civil Section 29. 2011(ワ)No.17612, Plaintiff : C-JeS Entertainment, Defendant : Avex Management Document prepared by C-JeS Entertainment on Oct. 19, 2011)
The “attorney for the plaintiff” mentioned here means the attorney representing C-JeS in the trial at the Tokyo District Court.
“On Sept. 22, 2011 the attorney for the plaintiff [T/N: attorney for C-JeS in Japan] received a call from Attorney Jihye Shin who is representing JYJ in Korea saying “We received a request from SM for reconciliation for both the trial in Korea and Japan. However we find it difficult to understand their true motive in making this request.” Recently in the lawsuit in Korea concerning the validity of the exclusive long term contract between management companies and artists, the Supreme Court ruled that long term contracts between management companies and artists are invalid, signifying there is a high chance that the Korean court will rule in JYJ’s favor in the lawsuit between SM and JYJ. It can be presumed that SM, because of this turn of events, decided that it would be better to resolve the lawsuits in both Korea and Japan at once by reconciliation. Also, the request made by SM to Attorney Shin assumes that the defendant [T/N: Avex Management] will follow SM’s instructions. Therefore it is easy to presume that the defendant is obstructing the management of JYJ in Japan out of concern for the wishes of SM.”
[rest omitted]
Source: Toshiro Ono’s Blog
Translation by: TheJYJFiles
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