Thursday, November 03, 2011

Double standards in K-Entertainment

   It's been on my mind for a while, but was wondering whether I should bother and cause another stir. But since it's my evil nature, I decided I should. K-entertainment is full of double standards, and non-equal treatment. We got accustomed to it to the point of numbness. I guess we all remember the "Han Ye Seul gate", so to those who somehow slept through whole summer - short recapitulation. Shooting of the drama in usual korean circumstances - 2 hours of sleep per week, 4 meals per week but 100% efficiency. You may ask how actors do it? I have no idea, frankly. 
Harsh opinions follow, this is a fair warning.

   And in the middle of this, one actress said stop - "I care about my health" and left the filmplan. The tidal wave of "unprofessionalism", "egoism", "broken promises", "bla bla bla" followed. All she wanted was just a bit of sleep and care, normal care for human basic rights. And she was labelled as diva bitch who orders people around and wears her nose higher than usual folk. Drama shooting stopped for 3 days. Apparently everyone had moral right to judge her. And everyone condemned her to hell. 

   And now, another drama stopped shooting for 2 weeks, but no one seems to raise a voice about unprofessionalism. In this article there is mentioned something that has been floating around for last week. The internal conflict between drama (Love Rides the (b)Rain) PD and main star - yes, The Diva. The Diva, as we all know, embarked on his Japan tour lately, causing drama to stop just because he's the center of the freaking Galaxy, and Prince(ss) of Asia has full right to do it. Any problem folks? No, he's being professional for starting tour in Japan in the middle of shooting drama. And he's being professional to drama staff by giving them 2-week rest. Because ALL serious actors do it. 

   Park Yucheon is a star, no one (except for SMEnt) has any doubts about that, and those who had died by my hands. During filming of SKKS - he focused solely on SKKS. He didn't say: "yo, folks, need to have week break, me and my pals going to have a sign-up tour". Why? Because this is what being a professional means - to yield everything to what you are supposed to do now. He practiced choreo on the filmplan when he wasn't shooting, but he didn't leave the filmplan.

   Of course there is a conflict between PD and multitalented piece of cr... Art that Diva has become. There has to be. He was acting like a singer YAB-Taekyung personality for 2 years, annoying normal fans to death and giving his eels surge of teenage orgasms (as they read on Bravo Girl) and now he's living off "pet personality", he says of Kim Haneul in interviews as "his owner". This is so professional my synapses just can't process it. And maybe it's a new form of professionalism? He appeared without invitation during latest Film Awards, moreover, he jumped on the stage to warm his new haircut in spotlights just to congratulate Kim Haneul. I bet a day without seeing his own face on the news is a tragic day.
I bet he was chosen for the part, because everything with JGS on it will sell to the last bit. Fangirls all across the WORLD will watch every drama, even such a masterpiece of shittery that Bury Me Mary was. So yes, as I see it - it was for promotional uses. The fact that this drama consist of almost exclusively idols also says something about the depth level. 

   So, we have Han Ye Seul, who left the filmplan for a weekend, causing havoc in Korea, and we have The Diva, who left the filmplan for over 2 weeks, but no one says anything.  

   Few days ago, netizens (again netizens) made screenshots of SNSD interview in English for MTV Iggy. Since I don't follow this group, I just based on those screenshots in my opinion. Two of the members (don't remember the names, sorry) looked "bored and unprofessional". One of them was apparently sick, and all of them were bored to death since the interview was in English and they probably understood only their names (if those were mentioned). Netizens started hell again - "if you are an idol you should show the full professionalism even if you are sick or uninterested!" Fair enough, it was about their promotions, but I doubt American viewers even noticed that. It's just korean netizens that like to watch everything frame-by-frame and point out some incoherencies, forgetting the biggest incoherency lies between their ears.
But surprisingly no one lifted the red flag when TOP was texting during one interview.

   And please, don't throw Jaejung into my direction (actually... I wouldn't mind) as the example of the same of what's Diva's doing. They are NOT the same. JJ is a star in its fullest definition, and Diva is just a wannabe "singer". Jae never caused the filmplan to stop even though "In Heaven" pre-promotions were in full swing and he'd have the full right to do it. Bags under his eyes are the proof of this.

   Lately The Diva announced that he wants to explore new field (no, not of potatoes) - he wants to direct a short movie. Is there a better way to have the director praising the main star then to be the director AND the main star? 
I just can't... just can't...

Please, all my young boys I support, stay normal. Or else I will do exactly the same...