Saturday, November 19, 2011

Evil, evil everywhere!

Here, the ghost possession was captured on film. I wouldn't mind if he possessed me.
   It's too late to pack your bags and run. Chances are you are already under menacing influence of whatever group of "highly secretive society" that wants to take over the world. And yer souls too. And color pencils too! No, it's not a plot for another James Bond movie. It's the truest true, internetz says it. And internetz is all true. 
To tell the truth, I had no will or time to go through those hundreds of MVs I watched up to this point, be it Kpop, Krock, indie or OSTs. I just took few the most known ones.
And yes, THEY are everywhere. Our fate is sealed, there is no escape from evil elements in MVs.
Especially SMEnt.
And to those that don't visit this blog often - I mock a lot. I mop the floor with idiocy sometimes. So no, don't take this post seriously. This is my own Vigilant Ethlenn take on Kpop^^.

   Let's begin with group that is almost made of evil elements, I mean their videos, videos of course. Although 3/4 of it are douches anyway. My longtime favorite to bash - SuJu (but I still can beat you up for one of them).
All MVs of this group show terrifying amount of "luciferian" influences, and should be banned.
Here, the poster above. So many colors exist on this world, so why only black and white? This should have said us something except stupid excuses that "it's a concept", because there is nothing like concept, unless we are talking about Mason order concept. Yes, now it all makes sense - checkered pattern, gentlemen outfits, it all points out to some influences of creative tailor menacing group that wants us to believe boys are as mild and innocent as they look (not a chance, there still is Teukkie there, ekhem).

   Maybe you need more evidence of how our minds are subconsciously washed? I focused only on one MV - Bonamana (read backwards it sounds like some magic spell, but I couldn't locate the right provenience, so let's say: babylonian?) In occult practices numbers have also their important role. How about 3? Boys are shown in group of 3, right? 12 is also a multiplication of three, right? In 2005 SuJu was 12-member group. Then a year after they added one more, and it became 13-members group. 1+3=4. And number 4, as we all know, is a bad number in all countries that adopted chinese characters, because it is read the same as "death". You see my point now? That's not it. Let's fly to Mediterranean area - in St. John's Apocalypse there are Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. FOUR!! It means the group was created as harbingers of upcoming Armageddon!

One member here wears tshirt with "LIVE KILL" words. What this may imply? What else than harsh jungle survival? You either kill and stay alive, or you are killed and... well, stay alive no more. And once again - the palette of colors is reduced to black, white and what lies between - greys. It may mean that world is not just "black-and-white" but is full of shades and it's hard to tell the right from wrong.
Or their stylist is color-blind.

   Another group from SMEnt whose MVs are full of mysterious symbols (that's redundant, of course they have to be mysterious, pabo!!) is SHINee. Even their name has close ties to Lucifer (and they had a song about this being, omg!! prayer circle so their souls will be saved!!), because of shining, and all.
And "Lucifer" is not that evil MV. More evil is RDD. It is full of profound symbols and since it's visually gorgeous, it fools youg girls (and pedo nunas) that it's just another harmless video that only purpose is to show boys' charm. No more grave mistake than this!
The premise of the video is the rooftop of some building - we can see metal something, name of the group behind, clouds and moon one day before the full moon. High buildings should remind us of Babel tower - reaching high, built with human pride and defying nature's order. High buildings take us closer to heaven. In the video we even see boys going up on stairs. What this signifies? Axis mundi, everybody and return to primeval forces that are still alive in shamanism around the blue orb! Boys are climbing axis mundi the same way as shaman wannabe during his/her initiation. Coincidence? I don't think so. The moon is present in many beliefs concerning netherworld or witchcraft. Magic is the strongest during full moon, and many bloody rituals took place during new moon (most known is screening of Twilight saga in cinema near you!). Shortly after we see butterflies that are strong symbol in many world culture. Butterflies are linked to - no surprise - Netherworld. There is one Korean legend about the birth of butterflies (kor. nabi). Scientists in religious studies (and philosophy) call it etiological myths - explaining the origins of sth. So there was a girl, she loved a guy, he died (base for any Kdrama), and she visited his grave. One day this grave opened and she jumped inside. Servant girl was too late to stop her, only caught her robe, and this robe turned into hundred butterflies. Beautiful, right? In Amazonian River someplace (forgot now), there is a myth about a butterfly morpho. It's either the spirit of the dead, or tie between two worlds.

   Anyway, butterflies aside. Mirrors. Oh, mirror mirror on the wall... Mirror reflects one's true nature - hence we see boys with wings on them. Mirror may also distort the reality, this is why mirror was called as the source of vanity (girls and boys spent hours on "oh my left profile is better, I love you so damn much), and vanity may lead to death, you remember Adonis story? He looked into mirror, the river flow, yes yes. And Adonis has much more complex universe than it looks like, it is close to Semitic "Adonai", meaning "Lord", referring to God. So, those mirrors show boys true nature? or just fabricate a lie and force them to believe in it?
I said a word about moon and witchcraft. We have magic here as well - one touch of finger lights me candles. And what's more - for short moment we can see also red candles. Candles and wax that is easy to burn were used sometimes as the referrence to woman's opposition, especially sexual resistance ("one chastity will melt away like a candle tonight", reads one novel, don't making it up, really). Red is a color of passion, of blood. 
Speaking about colors. There are two sets of them - black/white/greys and another - black/white/red. Red! Again red! The color of blood and lust. Oh well, it may mean they like AC Milan team too.

And last but not least - wings. Are they angel wings? Or fallen angel's wings. They are dark, only one person is left with light wings. That may signify that he's the only one resisting the darkness (his hair defy gravity anyway, so maybe). Or that he derped too long and those were the only ones left.

But ladies and gentlemen. That's not the end.

   In this seemingly harmless and hilarious video of Epic High - Wannabe, we can see a chicken. Chicken, a coq is a strong solar symbol. It's the animal who greets the Sun. It is also animal connected to Japanese goddess Amaterasu. What does that mean? Maybe it's a slight hint to japanese domination over the Pacific area? Or it may signify also French presence, le coq is also proud symbol of French, non?

  After tasting some slime, one of the main characters "feels" the nature of lizard, because the monster looks like one (that's an overstatement, but OK). We have here an example of hybrid: human-animal hybrid that are so popular in shamanistic beliefs and also in so-called natural religions. Usually they are totemic ancestors of the clan or village. Plus, you know lizards=dragons. And dragons...
We have also violence in this video, when two characters are going to rescue a girl. One is equipped with red ligh-saber. RED!! Sith! Dark Lords! The end of Republic!

And the other one points one finger down and one finger up while training. It is, as we got to know from informative and highly professional article on SHINee Illuminati bullshit, the symbol of Benetton! Or whatever its name is.
We have also gay couple here, so this is probably sponsored by Gay Rights Movement to brainwash innocent Koreans and turn them all gay. But here's the thing - they die, so justice did what it should, yes. Korea may sleep safe. Two more gone.

   You may think INFINITE is just 99.9% synchro singing group? Oh no, think twice. It's a dangerous tool in hands of some threatening people! Paradise will prove that. One member is lying on... checkered floor! Black and white again! Mason order is happy now. (Actually it's deep-blue and white, but if I say it's black it means black!) They are all wearing suits, and as we know, there is one person who likes suits the best, especially striped suits. Some members of the group also wear stripped suits:

See? (OK, I hate that movie, but anyway).
Boys are not lost yet - they show atrifacts that may protect them from evil, devil and sparkly vampires altogether, so maybe it's not too late.
My theory is that: as SuJu are hidden Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, those 7 boys are 7 Seals. Most definitely. I call them Big Dipper fully knowing of the implications of this constellation as well.

 In video of 2NE1 - I'm The Best, we can see member Minzy pointing (yeah, triangle, triangle, blah blah) to her belt buckle with ornaments reminding those of Norse metallurgy. It may point out the Odin sacrifice to achieve the wisdom (he hang himself up on the tree to obtain runes). This is a hidden wisdom, a gnostic one. Her biggest ring on the pointing finger bears the Rosy Cross, a symbol of Rosicrucianism, a secret society.
You want more evidence of threatening little children?

 A pyramid!! As Erich von Däniken subtly poined out - those were built by aliens, so we have even alien worshipping in Kpop videos!! PLus, this looks like upside down triangle, so it may signify the women revolution against their socially accepted roles? Maybe it means women should no longer bore children, and they should work and be independent? What a heretic thought! Don't worry, secret male society of Asia is building stakes already.

Three more videos that don't look as fluffy and fun as they seem to be.

   MV by FT.Island - Love Love Love (highly complicated title). It starts with some light effects on the walls that will change through the whole song (star map?). We will see Dali's painting, and as we know, surrealism is stimulated by LSD, so this video entices young people to drug abuse (I didn't put any G-Druggin MVs, cause they are whole LSD feast for eyes). In MV we see a pair of puppets, male and female, tied to ropes (isn't it overlly sexual?) that in the end burn their ropes and break free to hug (I shed a tear).
But people overlook what's really terrifying in this video! Human effigy!!

 They are burned. And here we have dark voodoo cult and witchcraft combined. This may lure young, blank minds into black magic practices. Soon Korea will burn in fire of witchcraft. Blacklisted footage from this video shows one scene where names on this figurines are shown, and we can clearly read "Heechul" and "Geunseok". One look at the video and we know why - they still have girlier hair than Hongki in it. Worth hatin'.

 In BoA's Copy and Paste video we can see chemical structural formula lit up on the wall. If anyone examined it closely, i wonder what results would come up, and which substance would benefit the most? Lucy on the Sky of Diamonds probably knows.

And last, but definitely not least is DBSK's Mirotic, where we have again shamanistic elements.

   Boys are confined in something that looks like a cave with one entrance up high. In shamanism cave symbolizes return to the womb. The fact it's underground denotes their symbolical death and back to the primeval womb that is earth. They will be reborn again. That's not the end of symbols. the entrance is sculpted in a shape of lotus flower. Lotus symbolizes purity - it stays impeccable even in the mud, this is why it's so important in Buddhist legends. 

As every shaman, they too have to endure the trial. And the bestowed upon them by their animal force, by their animal spirit that will guide them through the hard path of shaman life.
In this case, their spiritual guardian is phoenix that takes the form of a beautiful veiled woman.

   Veils are simply the cases that hide The Truth. Only after they completed their trial they can face their animal and get rid of its veils. Hardship they have to endure (Changmin is bathed, ie., cruel torture, let's call Amnesty International) finally ends when they reach the final point in their spiritual quest. Walls that surround them may signify labyrinth. Only after possessing super-human powers they are able to see through walls (blue eyes all of sudden) and find the exit. The new life just begins.

See, anything can be interpreted as we want. Hope you enjoyed another huge post of mine.
Those who didn't: