Sunday, November 20, 2011

Song Junggi is a wolf boy

   Waiting for this project as well. His character's outline reminds me of "3-Iron" that is among my favorite Kmovies eva, and it's an achievement to play such part. And play it successfully.
Article below.

A rising movie star Song Joong Ki expressed his determination for his new film Wolf Boy (directed by Jo Sung Hee and produced by Silk Road), which will start filming in December, by saying “It is actually the first film for me to play the lead role. I feel great responsibility, but I want to do well.”
Wolf Boy is a story about a man and a woman who loved each other for decades, starring Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young. It is also a feature debut of director Jo Sung Hee, who majored in art in Seoul University and directing in Korea Film Academy. She has been acknowledged by receiving the grand prize in the 2008 Mise-en-Scène Short Film Festival with A House of Brother and Sister.
In Song’s recent interview, he said, “Many a Little Romance is my first film co-starring with Han Ye Seul, but Wolf boy is a romance film co-starring with Park Bo Young who is younger than me, so I feel more responsible. I got to know Bo Young when dubbing an animation Rio, and we’ve already finished script reading, as well. We’ve decided to make this winter meaningful to both of us.”
There are almost no lines for the wolf boy Song plays in this film, therefore, he has to show all emotions through facial expressions only, which requires a delicate and sophisticated acting style. In regard to this, “This was the part that I was worried about the most. I want to receive reviews that I’ve done better than expected. I’ll be shooting this for three months in Jeonju from next week. I’ll be putting all my energy into this film for a while,” he said.
Showing a great acting style in SBS TV’s Deep Rooted Tree as a young King Sejong, Song also got favorable reviews for Many a Little Romance, which he played the role of a jobless but romantic guy Cheon Ji Woong who doesn’t have much money but stay positive about love.
Song started to appear in movies as one of the handsome royal guards of Geon Ryong Wui in Ssanghwajum. He said, “This film is very heartwarming that it will even make you wonder if this kind of love really exists in this world. I want to show you my growth as an actor through this film.”

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