Thursday, November 03, 2011

MV parodies

Anytime, baby^^

   This is not a good day, but have something to keep me distracted. Parodies. My lovely companion in spazzing over Kpop on D-A, that is Viande, posted links to some MV parodies. And I must admit, I laughed my lungs out. Fact, the person who made those uses highly specific meta-language, so for those who are not into Kpop this may be not funny at all.

Especially with SuJu.
User channel on YT.

And few vidoes to just give you the taste of it. I lost few hours on this channel, and I bet those who can act like not butthurt fans will love it as well.

SuJu: worth watching for Ryewook's evil in it (and cuteness):

SuJu M:

Infinite: worth watching. Period.

SHINee: mah baby gone insane. Me too.


Oh, Jonghyeon baby, oh damn you...