Saturday, November 05, 2011

Chilling Romance

   Before I unleash hell, some nice posts. My dear friend Ori wrote about that movie some time ago, and I was just waiting for a trailer. Trailer is out, and boy, this looks fun.
I like Son Yejin, no, better - I really really like her. Lee Minki didn't make any impression on me with this drama of his (Really Really Love You), so I was going to watch this movie for our main heroine.
As you probably know, I have a weak spot for morons, derps and idiots of this kind. If this idiot screams like a girl while watching a horror movie - all the better. I have no idea what Lee Minki is in a real life, maybe he screams watching Ring too, but it's good to see that there are actors that actually have to ACT, and not just play themselves (ufufu, I'm taking on certain something again, ufufu).

According to Hancinema:
Cilling Romance - also known as "Spellbound"
This movie is about the romance between a girl who tries to block herself from the world due to her ability of seeing ghosts, and a guy who wants to protect her.


 And the teaser that was released some time ago:

Because nothing says "I will protect you" better than cardboard box.