Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Prince of Asia is so generous!!

   OK, I have enough of alcohol in my blood right now, so whatever I write may be just taken as blabbering. JYJ young men and Jaejung alone had made the donations (they are probably the most charity obsessed people in showbusiness) beside ELLE editorial. And now what I read? That our beloved Queen... no, not yet, Prince of Asia donated to his Alma Mater. U jealous, Jang? In this article (beware, some photo there is) this honorable deed is mentioned as if he saved million kids in Africa from hunger (and no Twitter to brag about, ooh). Don't get me wrong, donation is a good thing, especially from people who have something to donate. But... This action is wrong on so many levels I had to drink another mug of mulled wine to clear things out.

   First. Ga... I mean The Princess supposedly donated "anonymously". And then was "oops, omg, cat is out of the bag! Ottokke?" He was 'surprised' that the donation source was revealed. The fact it was may signify few things - either University neglects anonymity of donations, or it wasn't meant to be anonymous. In the first case - I demand to see the list of other donators!
The second case is just fame-mongering. We have only Princess word that it was done anonymously, right? "I'm such a modest person, I couldn't put my name officially"-crap.
OK, what's wrong with that? If he put his name, I would be less harsh now. But this situation I just see as a play. A bad, stinky play to fool everyone into thinking of 'humble guy wants to help'. This is being double-standarded yet again. No, "oppa" didn't impress me with that. He didn't win me back.
We should build a temple to him for that or what?

   Second thing - and it's really harsh. I guess he has his graduation diploma in his pocket, right?
No, I don't believe he can be equal to any of my students. He can't be equal to any of my friends when I studied. He cannot be equal to any of my friends now. Simply and brutal as it is.
'Dilligent' - dictionary defines it as 'Marked by persevering, painstaking effort'. 
I see dilligent students every day. I studied like mad, and I didn't want to fail any exam. Attendance lesser than 75% is not qualified as 'dilligent'. Of course, celebrities are described like that because they are freaking celebrities. I don't expect anyone among common students who say "oh yeah, he's a lazy dumbass" about any celebrity. Park Shihu suspends his studies when he has projects, KNG dropped out because he couldn't continue.
But young ones pretend to study. They pretend to visit the campus once in a blue moon for few hours and that's all. I will never believe they study as hard as other students. We all know how hard asian education is, we all know how hard a usual, normal higher education is.

   I come from a family where education was everything, I have educational piety in my blood, I believe in salvation through learning. This is why I feel close to exploding when I see some prick talking about himself as 'student'. No, you are not. You may have the diploma (as many nowaday students) but it doesn't mean you are better than others, that doesn't mean you know everything.

   Many of those 'student-celebrities' can't show any country on the map except for their own. They have absolutely no idea about the world outside of their little own one. They don't care.
So this is making me really pissed off. They treat diploma as cherry on top, and they did not earn it.

This is not only his case, there are many cases like that, but I'm particulary sensitive today.