Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ban-ready dramas

Dear Commission for Pissing Off Normal Viewers!
I prepared the list (with help of some readers here) of dramas, that your board may take under the consideration of banning. And when you're on it, ban peppero sticks (phallic symbols), ice-creams (OMG!!), lollipops etc. and create the enforce law that would put everyone under zen meditation to get rid of all emotions. Oh noez, I forgot, it was already done. The movie was called Equilibrium, there was a drug  injection. You remember how it ended, dear Cosmic Bullshit Commision?

Of course, list may be not complete, as I'm not in the right shape to track more.

Ban ready dramas:

A Man Called God - main character is driven by revenge. He also exposes chest.
Autumn in my Heart - incest.
Bad Guy - revenge, enslutting (is this even a word?) all women above age 15 in sight.
Capital Scandal - gisaeng and police officer having sex, murders.
Coffee Prince - advertising gay behavior. Main girl saw "his wiener" in the first episode. Plus, the scenes in bed. Yuck!
Daughters of Bilitis Club - about lesbian relationships.
Girl K - blood, naked butts, breasts, "massage parlor", blood. And killing off teh cutie (may you rot in hell!!).
Hyena - homosexual premises, not married with 5 kids by age 30.
Family’s Honor - younger student pursuing teacher for over 30 episodes. Park Shihu naked chest. Fondling a lady.
Flames of Ambition - revenge, family secrets, wooden girl.
I Am Legend - divorce, independent women, pursuing your dreams (not of buying fresh fish for the kitchen).
Jungle Fish - drugs, sex, high school problems, murder.
Lovers - leaving pregnant bitch lady because of feelings for another lady. Main character - a gangster.
Marry Me Mary – because it’s a fucking shit.
My Girlfriend is Nine-Tailed Fox - since ghosts are "unethical", foxes must follow.
OB-GYN - abortion, talking about sex etc. People don't have to know where kids come from. Or period.
One Fine Day- incest. Plus Gong Yu shirtless.
Queen of Reversals - divorce, younger guy pursuing AND getting the lady with kid. Park Shihu naked chest.
Queen Seondeok - abandoning children, blood, revenge.
Que Sera-Sera - too much to enumerate, just ban this drama.
Romance Hunter - kind of I need Romance, with the same amount of sex talks.
Royal Family - revenge, scheming, younger guy as prey.
Scent of a Woman - going against THE Boss, multiple shower scenes.
SKKS - violence (hitting with apples, brr), exposing naked chest, advertising gay and lesbian behavior, breaking the rules, going against the family. omg! Sodom and Gomorrah!
Soul - unethical (ghosts, you know).
Tazza - gambling.
Thank You - immoral behavior, fatal illness.
The Devil - revenge, Tarot cards (unethical)
The Painter of the Wind - advertising lesbian behavior, breaking the rules.
The Princess’ Man - revenge, blood, going against family, Park Shihu naked chest.
Tree of Heaven - incest, lots of deaths, gambling.
Vampire Prosecutor - vampyres. Enough said.
What's Up, Fox - younger guy and older lady.
Which Star Are You From - abandoning children, birth secrets, having two gorgeous guys to choose from.
You Are Beautiful - imposing gay behavior, human-dog relationship, having an affair with married guy.

That's not it.
Ban Park Shihu - he's been in every drama that is mentioned here. He shouldn't be able to take part in any drama/movie and improve anymore. Imagine the threat in 5 years. He'll turn all women sluts (if he hasn't already).

So be careful because TOP is

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