Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Proceed on your own risk.
Update on the DBSK situation below.

Heavy nosebleed here. 

I love AKP (Allkpop), they initially identified this photoshoot as Junsu. Oh well, the detective skills of people there.

The derp is still here, thank you, Yucheon^^

de soorce

JYJ’s Yoochun opened up about the TVXQ debacle and his early acting experiences in a recent photo shoot for the November issue of High Cut Magazine.
When asked about the still on-going problem with TVXQ, Yoochun said, “There are so many things to think about and also many things to sort out that it’s no longer a problem a single person’s big heart can solve. Whatever the future outcome, I believe it will be solved after some time.”
Looking back at his previous projects such as KBS drama “Sungkyungkwan Scandal” and MBC drama “Miss Ripley,” Yoochun also shared his frustrations with acting, saying, “The more I act, the more the flaws form, and they do not become fewer. That was really frustrating.” The star also said, “In my head I’m thinking, ‘For this line, I’ll do it like this,’ but when I actually act it out, it turns out to be completely different from what I had planned. It’s difficult to act.”