Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Oh, MAMA...

Is there a better way to start a month than with whining about upcoming Award ceremony? Oh, actually there is but anyway... Hmm, the Best male Group has 2xSMEnt, 1xJYP, YJ, and Cube Ent... Let's see who will win. And I'm sorry to all fans, but putting SuJu into Dance Group is a disgrace for other groups in the same category. They barely move! They are no dancing group at all. No, SuJu M doesn't change my opinion at all. Maybe a bit. Big Bang another "dancing" group. Give me a break... Soon TOP will be nominated in "singing" category.
I put links to MVs to those nominated songs for everyone to check up (wheff, that was a hard job).


Best Male Group: TVXQ, 2PM, Super Junior, Big Bang, Beast

Best Female Group: Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1, f(x), SNSD, Kara

Best New Female Artist: Dal Shabet, Brave Girls, A Pink, Jang Jae In, Han Groo

Best New Male Artist: Kim Ji Su, Boyfriend, N-Train, Huh Gak & B1A4

Best Male Artist: Kim Bum Soo, Kim Tae Woo, Kim Hyun Joong, Sung Si Kyung, Wheesung

Best Female Artist: Kim Wan Sun, Baek Ji Young, Seo In Young, IU, G.Na

Best Solo Dance Perf: Kim Hyun Joong, G.Na, Hyun-A, Jang Woo Hyuk, Jay Park

Best Group Dance Perf (Male): TVXQ, Beast, Big Bang, Super Junior, MBLAQ, Infinite

Best Group Dance Perf (Female): SNSD, Secret, T-Ara, 4 Minute, 2NE1, Miss A

Best MV: Big Bang's "Love Song", Brown Eyed Girls' "Sixth Sense", Sunny Hill's "Midnight Circus", Jang Kiha and The Faces' "Just to Know Each Other", UV's "Itaewon Freedom"

Best Vocal Perf (Solo): K. Will, IU, Lee Hyun, Huh Gak

Best Vocal Perf (Group): Sistar19 (Ma Boy), 2NE1 (Lonely), 2AM (YWAC), Davichi (Don't Say Goodbye), 4Men (Once While Living)

Best OST: Baek Ji Young (Secret Garden), IU (Dream High), Yim Jae Bum (City Hunter), Tae Yeon (Athena), Huh Gak (The Greatest Love)

Song of the Year:
Kim Kunmo's "It's Sadder Than Yesterday", 
Kim Hyun Joong's "Break Down",
Davichi's "Don't Say Goodbye",
TVXQ's "(Why) Keep Your Head Down",
2NE1's "I'm the Best",
4Men's "Once While Living",
Hyun-A's "Bubble Pop",
Tablo's "Bad", -- this is freaking masterpiece, and I don't really like rap.
T-Ara's "Roly Poly",
Leessang's "Turned Off the TV",
Mighty Mouth's "Tok Tok",
Jay Park's "Abandoned",
Baek Ji Young's "That Woman" (Secret Garden),
Beast's "Fiction",
Big Bang's "Tonight",
SNSD's "The Boys",
Super Junior's "Mr Simple", it's only interesting for Ryewook's part in it.
Secret's "Shy Boy",
Sistar19's "Ma Boy",
IU's "Good Day",
MBLAQ's "Mona Lisa",
Lee Hyun's "You're the Best of My Life",
Infinite's "Be Mine",
Yim Jae Bum's "Love" (City Hunter),
Jaurim's "IDOL",
Jang Kiha and The Faces' "Just Know Each Other",
Jang Woo Hyuk's "Time is (L)over",
Clover's "La Vida Loca",
Tae Yeon's "I Love You" (Athena),
Huh Gak's "Hello",
2AM's "YWAC",
CN Blue's "Intuition",
FT Island's "Hello Hello",
G.Na's "Black & White",
K. Will's "My Heart is Beating",
Miss A's "Goodbye Baby",
Simon D's "Cheerz",
YB's "Find the Dream Breaker" (ah damn me!)

Artist of the Year: Kim Bum Soo, Kim Wan Sun, Kim Ji Su, Kim Tae Woo, Kim Hyun Joong, Dal Shabet, TVXQ, Baek Ji Young, Boyfriend, Brown Eyed Girls, Brave Girls, Beast, Big Bang, Seo In Young, Sung Si Kyung, SNSD, IU, A Pink, N-Train, Jang Jae In, Kara, Han Groo, Huh Gak, Wheesung, 2NE1, 2PM, B1A4, f(x), G.Na.