Friday, November 04, 2011

Thousand Kisses on the black list

   Oh damn, sweet times of crusade, fighting, bashing and slashing are back! And I'm so thrilled! Over a year ago, I bashed the stupidity of people out there for their comments against LIB. Now, it looks even more fun! Few dramas are under fire. And, guess what, this rotten eonni/nuna loves better half of them.
Let me just come back from work...

From Hancinema:

The MBC weekend drama "A Thousand Kisses" got a warning from the Korean Communications Commission.
In a general meeting of the KCC on November 3rd, "A Thousand Kisses" received a warning for its unethical development and indirect product placement.
About this disciplinary action KCC stated, "At a youth-heavy time slot, like the weekend, the drama shows unethical scenes and stories, such as trying to accept an abandoned woman as a daughter-in-law, or another daughter being in a relationship with a nephew".
"They are also repeatedly displaying a certain supporter through lines and screen time, displaying them so much that it has an advertisement effect".
The KCC ruled that "A Thousand Kisses" has breached Sections 1 and 3 of Article 46 on The Limitations of Advertisement, Section 2 of Article 25 on Ethics and Section 2 of Article 44 on Accommodating Standards.
The most recent episode of "A Thousand Kisses" shows Joo-mi and Woo-jin's sweet honeymoon and Joo-young and Woo-bin's love creating conflict within the family.