Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Oh netizens, netizens

   I really like this breed. They are bipolar, untamed and fearless behind their screens. Someone, please, conduct a research on this specific subclass of humans. I'll pay to attend your lecture and buy a book. Oh, did I use "sub-human". Yes, yes I did, and I can repeat it. They don't seem as fully developped, evolved human beings. Example? Once netizens stated that members of girl group Secret are fat (girls are not anorectic sticks), and another day, they praised them for "honey tighs". I think this classifies as encyclopedia entry on bipolar behavior, no?

   Over one year ago they attacked mercilessly and almost employed nuke systems similar to that of LV-426 (well, that has something in common) one drama writer, Kim Su-hyun because she dared to say: "Hello, you know, there are gay people in Korea too!" Which, of course, is contagious as we all know, and may be transmitted by touching the screen or even remote. Kids, don't do that at home. Better - throw away the TV.
Now, she's being attacked because she (oh what an offending crime!) let characters in new drama behave normally. Yes, in A Thousand Days' Promise there are words like: period, sex, condom etc. Not to mention angsty "fuck you, Alzheimer!"
They were also displeased with bed scene just in first episode. And this is something my small brain can't process. You have Kim freaking Raewon kissing a lady, and you complain??

Netizens, I beg you, catch a coackroach or anything that moves and keep it by your side. There will be some brain this way on your side of PC (or whatever you use to write comments). 

Via Hancine:
She posted on her Twitter on October 30th, "If you don't like it then you can just ignore Kim Su-hyun's dramas. Telling me to fix my way of talking is the same as telling a singer to change voices. It's impossible because I am Kim Su-hyun".
Via Twitter a fan had told her, "I want to watch your drama but I can't because of the manner of talking. Please listen to the minor number of viewers".
Through her Twitter, Kim Su-hyun said, "The 3 series Chosun TV Special will be over the day after at the end of the month as promised. There is someone who wants me to change my way of talking but I've been talking like this for more than 40 years and this is Kim Su-hyun, what can I do? I wish you'd just ignore it and let me comfortable".
Netizens tell Kim Su-hyun, "The concise and fast tempo, it's appealing. I feel the warmth in your lines. At least to me", "Don't fix your style of dialogue but take care of yourself, you must be tired", "Your way of writing dialogue made me say, 'that's Kim Su-hyun' indeed'" and more.