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This Pair Of Brothers, Are Similarly Passionate

Interview with both of them.


JYJ Park Yoochun and actor Park Yoohwan.
“I fell in love with acting thanks to my older brother..” “My younger brother is really obedient, I’m really proud of him,”
 “In terms of acting, I’m better than my brother (laughs)” (Park Yoohwan) “Yoohwan’s acting is more natural than mine. But in terms of acting with emotion, he still has a long way to go to reach my level. Haha” (Park Yoochun)
After “Shiny Shiny Shining,” and currently acting in “A Thousand Days’ Promise” and playing the role of younger brother to the female lead who has Alzheimer’s Disease, is actor Park Yoohwan (20) who has debuted for merely 9 months. He is the younger brother of idol group JYJ member, and lead actor in the drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal, (2010)” Park Yoochun.
We met with Park Yoohwan on 29 November at the SBS Drama Center in Gyeonggi-do, and also did a telephone interview with Park Yoochun, who was in Hawaii, America for a photoshoot.
With Park Yoohwan saying “My brother is like a father figure to me,” and Park Yoochun saying “My younger brother is really obedient, I’m really proud of him,” there exists a reason for this close relationship between the two brothers.
Migrating to America in 1998, then suffering through money problems and their parents’ divorce, the two brothers were put through a difficult amount of pain at a young age.
This was especially so for the younger brother, who was at a loss after his brother whom he had always depended on returned to Korea for his singing activities. “I couldn’t understand, why I had to go through everything alone. I hated my brother for leaving me behind. There was nothing that I wanted to do, and I had no confidence that I was capable of anything. I also thought to myself ‘what’s the point of studying?’ and I didn’t attend school, or high school.”
However, such a Park Yoohwan went through a dramatic change. When his brother started attending acting lessons in preparation for “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” he randomly tagged along, and ended up falling in love with acting himself.
Yoohwan said, “I was once lost, but found myself again due to acting.” “This was the first time since I was born, that I actually had a dream.” His brother Yoochun said, “Acting made Yoohwan, who used to be moody and unmotivated, a much brighter person.” “In the past, no matter how much I asked him, he would never go out drinking with me, but now he is the one who asks me out instead.”
In “A Thousand Days’ Promise,” Park Yoohwan cries and holds on tightly to his sister who is refusing treatment , and his crying scene where he tries so hard to hide his pain has won him much praise. Yoohwan’s extraordinary emotional acting stems from his “painful memories from when I was younger.” He said, “After my brother made his debut, he would occasionally come back to our home in America. Looking at my sleeping brother,  and thinking about the fact that we would be separated again made me cry uncontrollably. Thinking back to those times makes sad, even till this day.” He said, “The way I feel towards my sister in the drama is very similar to how I feel about my brother,” “I was able to get into the mood of the scene by thinking about how it would be like if my brother had Alzheimer’s.”
Every time Park Yoohwan reads his script, he consults screenwriter Kim Soo Hyun about how he can better act out his role. To ensure that his pronunciation is accurate, he spends over 30 minutes reading his lines aloud. To this, his older brother feels proud of him, but is also a little worried. “Staying up throughout the night to study his script has become normal for him. He’s just started out, so I hoped that he can have the confidence, and work his way slowly. However, he puts so much effort in everything he does, it’s worrying. Fortunately, he is also working hard on exercising, and is taking good care of himself. “
Recently, Yoohwan’s favourite book is actor Michael Caine’s “Acting in Films: An Actor Take On Movie Making.” The line “If you think that you should be doing something else besides acting, then you should just stop acting immediately,” has left a deep impression on me. I don’t know anything else besides acting, so there is no way I can give it up.” His brother Yoochun once said, “Although I have to bear the burden of supporting my family as I work, I hope that Yoohwan will not feel obliged to earn money, and freely work on acting.”
Source : [BaiduJYJ + Chosun Ilbo]
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