Friday, February 10, 2012

Chunnie's shekshi tape is not Chunnie?

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   Yesterday the bomb was dropped, as JTBC news reported that 'certain idol and actor' is involved in sex-tape/pics/whatever scandal. Everyone assumed that it was our pack of sunshine a.k.a. Yucheon. Well, I bet it was him too from those blurred pics, but anyway.
As soon as all reliable source, that is allkpop reported yesterday, the hell broke loose. Today C-Jes stated they will fill their 655343972 suit against the broadcast for that.
The second likely candidate was CNBlue. 2012 is surely getting more and more interesting.

 We all know Yucheon is 'out-of-Korean' standards when it comes to girls, yes, he's ruined by living in US, yes. And I wouldn't stop supporting him even if it was him, so for me, personally, it's not a big deal. But(t)... Tape? Pics? Seriously??
Who takes naked pics? Then again... Yucheon... O--key.
As I said - very low of the gold-digger girl, but very stupid of him, whoever he is

From AKP:

A famous idol star whose identity has yet to be revealed is rumored to have been blackmailed by his ex-girlfriend.
The former girlfriend threatened to leak video footage of his naked body over the internet if he refused to hand over $890,000 USD. She claims to have clips of the two recorded during the time of their relationship.
At the time, the idol star was filming multiple CFs and drama series; seeing his soaring popularity, the woman decided to use the videos to blackmail him. After being threatened continuously, the idol star finally decided to put in an investigation request, and the videos have since been confiscated by investigators.
Although the nature of the crime is rather unethical, the offense will be summarily indicted since it’s reported to be her first offense.

 And today:

C-Jes Entertainment is set to launch a legal battle after releasing an official explanation regarding JYJ's Park Yoochun involvement in an "idol blackmail scandal". On the 9th of February, a news report was published that a certain male idol was threatened by his former girlfriend for an amount of money in exchange for videos in her possession.

The former girlfriend allegedly had copies of their intimate encounters while they were still together and demanded one billion won in exchange for its release. Seoul's Central Prosecutor then released a statement saying, "Former girlfriend B has been summarily indicted for threatening A with a naked video". However, seeing that it was her first offense, the prosecutors evidently confiscated the video and an indictment was charged.

However, while this blind item circulated online, netizens assumed that Park Yoochun was the male idol referred to in the article. It was also noted that Park Yoochun was one of the most searched tags in various portal sites after the article was released.

With Yoochun's name attached to the "popular idol blackmail scandal", C-Jes Entertainment immediately released a statement that they are planning to take legal action against the assumptions. Earlier today, C-Jes Entertainment stated that, "It is really regrettable that recently, Yoochun has been linked to malicious news articles which caused rumours to be spread."

They continued to say, "In order to prevent such articles and rumours from spreading further, we would like to request the cooperation of the fans and media. In a situation where the articles and rumours are found to be untrue and infringe upon his private life, we immediately contact our legal representatives from Sejong and take legal action."

Source: TVReport, KStarNews and Tohosomnia

And it's not even mid-February... This year will be good.