Wednesday, February 15, 2012

History of the Salaryman

   Title sounds painfully boring, right? The plot tells actually nothing more. Synopsis, according to is even worse: "‘Salaryman Chohanji’ depicts the trial and tribulations of the average salaryman, from humble beginnings to success. This drama portray the salaryman’s loneliness and isolation, struggles, sorrows, hopes and successes in a realistic light." I mean, how funny can a series about stocks, something, managers be?
I started this because one wicked girl wrote she loves it. This particular girl may be maknae, but damn, she's not young to guttering at all. And damn she's right. The series is hilariously funny.

Hi, Sham^^

Anyway, I'm only on episode 5, but there are times I simply have to pause just to laugh. Episodes pass by so quickly. We have web of schemings, treacherous moves, your-everyday-guy and not quite normal girl.
First thing first - I love Jeong Ryuwon. She's one of those actresses who are not afraid to look stupid, unattractive or throw a tantrum like a tornado. I love her ever since My Lovely Sam-sun. She's capable of playing any character. 
So yes, I basically started the series for her. That's unusual for me, right?

Another thing is, this series features so many known faces, so many known actors, I don't even attempt to enumerate. Just watch for yourself. Moreover, if you are fed up with idols who barely can deliver a line, this is a drama for you - no idols, real actors in main roles! Oh, this reminds me of ol' good days where dramas did not have so many idols in them. And no flower boys here!

Writing is cleverly done. And screenplay is brilliantly executed. Actors are natural, they have those small gestures and little things that make characters alive and real. Every hour that passes is a good hour. 
I'm in such a nice mood now, that even if some idol makes a cameo here, I won't probably bother.
The teaser below depicts exactly the way this drama is. It can be serious, but when the humor kicks in - you better hold on to your hat.

One more thing, i read somewhere that this drama was criticized for using the foul language. Uhm, let me break it to all pure souls - you have no fucking idea about foul language.
Plus, when someone is really pissed off, one doesn't say "good grief, I almost defecated myself!" (unless you're Sherriff of Rottingham^^). So yes, Baek Yeo Chi swears a lot, she kicks, swears, throws furniture at people and beats them up. Lovely lady.


The MV for it (beware, it's beyond anything I ever seen as drama MV)

The only one idol element is one song, by Eeteuk (SJ) and key (SHINee). The hell, I don't like neither of them, but the song is catchy^^ It's just audio, so forgive the small embedding.