Saturday, February 04, 2012


   My sister-in-bitchin' made a post about the city, but I was bugged by one picture. The one above. I wasn't sure if the painting was real or was it just a momental happening in the series, as so many things here. I wasn't sure was it just an illusion that disappears while we blink, or was it real. 
So I watched all videos on this beautiful place where Padam Padam is filmed, and finally I found the answer. The painting is real, the series used it craftily.
In the video below, you will see it's from Dongpirang Village close to Tongyeong. If anyone read the interviews here, you are already familiar with the name Dongpirang.

As promised, the short documentary about Tongyeong. At the mark of 0.50 you can see those wings again. 


And since my last exam (and the whole course) I came to appreciate nori and sandae performances. Ogwangdae perf. is 6th Intangible Cultural Asset of the Republic of Korea. It's too complicated to explain now, maybe I can make separated post on sandae performances. What distinguish those from South from those of central and North regions, is the tone - southern performances are more venomous in their attack of yangbans.
And the dance is not as easy as it looks like. 
But the percussion music is not for everyone's ears, I assure you.