Friday, February 03, 2012

Upcoming dramas

   Padam Padam ends, What's Up! ends, my life... well, no, I'm not that much of an emo fangirl to say it ends as well. There will be some movies, some dramas too. And with PP I found my New Year's resolution - not to shun drama because of the script on dramawiki. Each year teaches me something new, SKKS has taught me not to judge idols by their covers (that sounds really bad, but my head is pounding heavily, me no think), and PP has taught me to stick with nuna guts not dramawiki script.
And since I refuse to go back to 'normal people land' as my sister is calling it, I'm sticking up with Kdramas still. Is there a drama that caught my attention? Yes, actually there is.

Twelve Men In A Year. It sounds long and boring? Wait until you hear that. It's a cable drama, for starts (tvN, the same of I Need Romance, hehe), it is based on German novel Zwölf Männer hat das Jahr by Martina Paura (probably means the same :P).

After AsianMediaWiki this time:
29-year-old magazine writer Mi-Roo (Yoon Jin-Seo) believes that zodiac signs decides fate. She then writes a column for the magazine based on her own dating experience with dating 12 men with the 12 different zodiac signs. 

Well, according to Kdrama standards (and apparently whole innocent, pure and kindergarten-minded Korean society) she's a slut.
Couldn't care less, I'm going to watch that. Looks promising (the drama, that is), I hope lady is not a doormat, and I hope dating doesn't mean staring at your man from behind a bulletproof glass.

I already mentioned Yucheonnie's drama, right? I know they won't make it as Bram Stoker's Dracula (F. Coppola) but anyway, the plot? Yeah, the plot looks interesting.

Then it's Hero (no, not the horrible one with Junki). A futuristic one (yeey!). Again, after AsianMediaWiki: Set in the near future, the country of South Korea has gone bankrupt. In the fictional city of Mooyoung, irregularities and corruption has now become rampant. By chance, Kim Heug-Cheol (Yang Dong-Keun) receives superhuman strength and he fights against the corruption plaguing the city of Mooyoung.
Sounds good enough for me.

I started to slowly watch Queen Insu, so far not bad. Maybe the main girl is too much modern in the behavior as for me, but I guess I will continue with this one.
Also, I saw the trailer for Operation Proposal. I tried to watch jdrama, but fell asleep around first quarter of the first episode, so I guess I'll just skip the korean remake.

I also wanted to give jdrama a shot, so I planned to watch taiga Taira Kiyomori. Then I realized I really do hate Heian period clothes.