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Discussion on ‘minam’ evolution theory.

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   Are you bored yet? Like I care (sorry, I'm obnoxious like this). Next two articles will be here today. One, on the topic titled above. Oh, we all love 'kkotminam', 'minam' and all that crap that is coming some guys way. They look good, fine. But let's not get overboard with that. Looking good doesn't equal talent at all. It's simple, but perhaps not for some eastern ethics. Oh yes, I know well about gunja ideal and so on, don't try any tricks. I know in all far-eastern systems beautiful looks were equaled with beautiful character. But guess what, it's not working like that.
Anyway, after a long and boring intro, some guy's words.

Article date: 2012-02-08

And here's the thing, I couldn't get hold of the original article from EToday, the reason is as follows: Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer! This is why my translation is of japanese version. I do like the site I'm taking this from (dedicated fansite), and the translations there are really good, but somehow they do have errors (like with Guksu's name etc.). This is why I'm iffy. Plus, as I said, I can't compare with the original. 
Forgive me that.

Oh, and one more thing, maybe there is the translation on "I believed at some point I'm an angel" thing? Because it's long and my Korean is still lacking (I could translate faster from Japanese but still, don't want to double things).

Having said that, let's make a move on... move to the topic.

Discussion on ‘minam’ evolution theory.

The figure with charming eyes, cute smile, small face, and serious voice.
Kim was classifying as one. However, it was before he appeared in Padam Padam as angel Yi Guksu.
To play this character he returned with new, defined looks for which he lost 11 kg during 2-months long period of hardship.
He flew to the sky, held a weapon, and made a miracle. We met with Kim Beom the day before drama ended in Samcheong-dong to talk back about it.

The choosing of the project is not because of possibility to ‘transform’ but to mature. Following that, there was even the opportunity to play a younger man in a love relationship with an older woman.

He explained: “I don’t feel the need to reject easy-going roles. And not be persistent with roles when the manly charm especially is strong or dark. While choosing the next role, to show a different aspect is good, but I don’t want to try mindless ‘transformations’.

He appeared after some period of absence as the guardian angel of Padam Padam’s main character Kangchil. He heard from his dying mother that he’s an angel and he put unwavering faith in that being highly self-conscious character himself. As the story progressed, Guksu boasted as more thick and heavy than the main character.

He said: “Guksu is a character whose various feelings are blended together completely. All thoughts whether Guksu was really an angel were jumbled together, but director and writer said that ‘Guksu is a character who changes with every happening in the story.’ I was fascinated by this change and this became my chance to mature.”

Kim Beom secured his position among other actors through the role of Yi Guksu. Various acting was floating around – those heavy ones like screams, tears, action and also gentle ones. It’s a merging from ‘pretty’ actors to versatile league. All bitter memories about discussing the acting abilities before are all in the past now.

Padam Padam imprinted its effect on Kim Beom who is not even 23 years-old. It was a time to look at such abstract things like the truth in relationships among people around Kangchil and his guardian angel Guksu, the importance of life, and also those that are overlooked in everyday life – people around us or small things that were lost.

“The fact I met Guksu through Padam Padam became an important memory in my life.” for a moment he seemed immersed in his own thoughts.
To give some soothing feelings at the end he said: “Truthfully, through all that time, I enclosed myself in the character. Maybe it’s an escape from reality. As we were so similar, there were times I lost my own tracks.* Over one year break and this work gave me a chance to look around more.”

The drama ended, but Kim Beom refuses to go back to lazy person. As soon as the shooting stopped, he was off to Thailand to shoot CF. And after coming back – plans regarding the next project, almost without a break to recharge.

“Recharging? I think it would be good to start new project like this. You may say I’m kind of workaholic. I’m only happy when I’m filming, be it drama or movie.” (laugh)

Translation copyright - ©Ethlenn

Translator's note:

* I couldn’t figure whether he was talking about this particular role or every role. I would be more inclined to the latter possibility, but since I’m cut off from the original, I don’t want to impose any interpretation.