Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Led Apple

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   OK, I tweeted that only two bands caught my attention lately. Be not mistaken, I doubt second INFINITE will come any time soon. But it wouldn't be fair not to mention other bands that exist.
Before I start, I have to say I watched ALL debuts and comebacks up to last weekend, that took me 2 days, yes. Talking about committment. I haz it.
Yes, we are still in Kpop funky town.
Don't like it, don't read it.

   The name Led Apple I've heard for some time already, but was busy spazzing over Big Diper boys and some KRY and in result - never really checked their music.
Turns out - they're really weird. It's a rockish band.
I have no idea about them, and frankly, I don't even care to check any bio or so because I'm not that interested. But I like what I hear and see. Awesome MVs. Nice music too.
Cringe-worthy choreo and they are still awkward on stage though, but they can work it.

As I said, no second Infinite. But they have something in common except for talent. Both groups are not quite the definition of 'prettiness'. Yeah, in Infinite Seongjong maknae is working hard on improving this, but the rest of derps don't actually care that much about his fruitless efforts. Bless them.

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If you recognize the walls here - I have some bad news for you...

This is the first song I heard from them:

According to YT description: In the 'birthday killer' MV, Kwang-Yeon suffers from the comments from his anti-fans and this leads to him deciding to commit a suicide. While the other members of LEDApple search for him, the music video depicts the idea of 'lets look for hope and freedom for others around you rather than commiting a suicide' as well as criticizing the anti-fans who leave heart-breaking comments these days.

This one... yes, in the intro you can hear Linkin' Park song. Yes, this is Nam Gyuri aka '49 Days doll':

And their latest, highly addictive one:

Just for the record, I prefer this song that is badly promoted than hyped EXO-K/M. You dodge this SMEnt!!