Saturday, February 11, 2012

New level of journalism

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   I've said that so many times now - Nate has crappy articles. They have bad journalists. I'm not the Pullitzer candidate either but maybe, I hope, my sentences make sense. Or at least majority of them. Nate articles make no sense, usually. They also cover some ridiculous topics, gossip and hilarious polls. I wouldn't even write about this if I didn't go to HanCinema yesterday and I saw one article translated from Nate. It may be the translation, or it may be not. I translate a lot and I may say one thing - even the best translating skills won't make an Einstein out of ie. The Diva, so I wouldn't blame the translation just because the base article is stupid behind any limits.
The merry bunch of some of us from here went there and commented.

This is the article on HanCine that is the latest proof of Nate idiocy, for those who somehow didn't believe me, when I mocked. I did the translation of few (maybe 3, 4) Nate articles and they consist of following parts:
1. Catchy title that may ar may not be explained.
2. Introduction of the topic - the more baroque vocabulary the better.
3. Some irrelevant sentences, more uncomprehensible words.
4. Fan(girls) quotes.

What's my problem? Few of them, actually. First, I feel like an idiot while translating this. Second, they are in most cases filled with (what I call usually) 'cotton-candy' words. That is completely useless sentences and words.
Who hires the writers there? Oh, maybe they are the same as those who write for fanclubs? Mainly fangirls in their late puberty? 
Not every article has to be 'pride-up-your-as*' latin/greek highly philosophical and metaphorical filled one. But for the readers' sake, don't assume that said readers' IQ is below that of hamburger!

Lately in my place there was published an article on Kpop in some weekly magazine. Horrible. Rage/cuss-causing piece of wannabe journalism. Woman who wrote that probably checked 5 videos on YT and decided she knew everything on Kpop.

Oh well, I'm happy to announce I won't be doing any Nate articles translations any time soon.