Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oppa didn't... ooh, it's eonni!

   New semester started and I had no time to make a proper post, but I just got back from work (yes, this semester also on Saturdays), filled meself with tortilla (I'll starve until Monday after that, I bet), ready to roll in the deep. With Kpop.
My oh my, so much happened! I don't remember now, but I don't think I was THIS busy updating myself with western entertainment world when I was misguided then and it was before I discovered one true path leading to enlighte... to rofl, OK.

What happened?
First, some 'fans' apparently found the old shabby video (2009) of Jaejung and Yucheon walking into some place on which 'violent and douche Yucheon' was caught. OK, he's no peaceful lamb either, but the issue has another meaning. First, the video is unclear, so it might, it might not be him. Second, and this is the fact all screaming dumbasses forgot, we are talking about 'sasaeng fans'. To those unfamiliar with the term - there are fans, fangirls, stalkers, creeps and sasaeng. The worst of the worst. They can break into hotel room, they stalk celebrities, they grab their butts, rip their clothes off. yes, I'm not exaggerating. So, in the situation we have sasaeng (A) and celebrity (B). A slaps B in the face and almost pushes him down the stairs. B slaps back. B has the right to defend himself from some lunatic, right? Yes, but... the problem is A is female.
And netizens condemned Yucheon (oops, B) to hell. Fickle crowd. On what ground? A is a woman!!
O---key... First thing, I'm a woman too and I'm ashamed to share the same chromosome combination with this idiot who has done that and earned the payback. I don't feel sorry for her just because 'ovaries should stick together'. No, she slapped him, he slapped back. I'd probably do the same. The only difference is - he's a celebrity, so he has to play Jesus and when slapped - he HAS to give another. 
To conclude this issue - maybe he was too heated up to hit her back, but it's not like she was some innocent woman on the street. Some people just "need to be given high five. In the face. With a chair" (quote after: internet countless memes on tumblr). If that was him, of course.

Another issue, this time bigger, that grew up nastier and nastier by the hours. Block B scandal. The hell I care about them (I can name maybe 2 songs, including latest Nallina), but what happened to them was a combination of both their dumbassness and netizens' overreacting.
Block B is some hip-hop (hip hap in Korean) boy group. At the end of January they were in Thailand and they had the interview. Shit happened when this interview was broadcasted in Korea and translated (fandoms are fast, trust me). Turned out - those idiots were making jokes on Thailand flood etc. plus their behavior during that was highly idiotic.
Netizens have risen with rage. Petitions to: withdraw from promotions, cease the activities, go to hell started. Also, and it's specific trend, a special petition appeared - to commit suicide.
Yes, you read that right, dear readers. Suicide petition signed by some 20.000+ (or 10.000). "I'm ashamed to be Korean" posts started.
Block B quickly apologized, but this didn't stop the chaos. Netizens raged more, also Khun from 2PM (he's Thai) butted in and commented. He tried to settle the matter, but perhaps that infuriated some more. The hell broke loose, one of the members shaved his head, they recorded another apology etc. What happened? Some netizens were saying "they just read the apology cause they have to, I don't feel sincerity from them". But at least they apologized. 
Yesterday one member was admitted to hospital due to:
"The diagnosis of Block B's P.O (real name Pyo Jihoon, 19), who was hospitalized as a result of public criticism against their inappropriate interview with Thailand media, has been revealed.
Through a call with W Star News from a representative of Block B's management BrandnewStardom, it was explained that, "The results of P.O's diagnostic tests, who is currently admitted to a university hospital, has come out. The psychiatric expert's opinion is that it's stress-induced schizophrenia. It looks like the immediate cause of it would be excessive cyber-bullying." The official added that while his condition is not critical, his improvement shall be further monitored before other arrangements are made. "We hope there will be no more criticisms arising from mere speculations. Although we had hoped to not expose the hospital, fans are already moving (to visit him). Because it is now the weekend, it would also be difficult to move him to another hospital. " He continued, expressing their helplessness in the situation. Regarding the other members of Block B, he relayed that, "The kids were ignorant and rash but the reactions have been too severe. At present they are very anxious and look very pitiful." He avoided responding to questions about Block B's future activities."
-omitted redundant information-
Translated By: kroongho@ BLOCKBINTL

Latest issue? 
U-Kiss Eli twitted: 

Like I know what he meant, but right now internet is hell.
And this is only one week in Kpop^^

Some other, happier notes? The Diva is, apparently, after successful sex-change procedure. If Allkpop says that, it must be true, it's almost as reliable as Wikipedia. "Singer and actress". I made a screenshot because it's just too good. The news about now Princess of Asia spread like whore's legs, and we know The Princess will release full length album soon. Can't wait to let her cry.
Shisus may have mercy on our souls!

Speaking about Shisus, guy has reflexes, really - he was the one who reacted when fans rushed towards the fence and it was about to collapse. He and security guy propped that up. Well, Shisus is well built one, I imagined what if mah elf was in his place, that would be RIP elf under that fence, kkk.

Other news? Oh nothing, I'm going to spend every freaking penny on Woollim products. Praying that DVD will be out soon so I can get high watching it. 〜( ̄▽ ̄)〜
Something funny to end this? Kyuhyeon, the snarky, evil bitch maknae of SuJu got owned during the latest Radio Star interview, mehehe.

Welcome to Kpop funky town!

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