Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Bath scene - we saw it all.

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Short, cute interview from today morning.
Bad thing is, I was in a frenzy of making .doc out of those interviews and I forgot the website. 
The good thing is, I found 3 more while looking for the original.

Actor Kim Beom displayed his intimate friendship with seonbae Jeong U-seong. “We saw it all during filming of the bath scene. When people go to public bath together, they bond, isn’t? He expressed ‘the wish to be like Jeong U-seong for his hubae”.

We met on Feb. 6th with Kim Beom at some café in Samcheong-dong in Seoul. He was born in 1989, and is barely 22 years-old, but he exudes manly vibe. But comparing his career to his age, the former is more showy. He appeared in sitcom Unstoppable High Kick, dramas East of Eden, Boys Over Flowers etc.

Lately he’s been getting knacks from Jeong U-seong. As he was a child actor and appeared in few trendy dramas, there is a lot to expect from. “When I was watching movie ‘Beat’, I dreamed of an actor. Someone like Rahman”, he commented on Jeong U-seong.
“At first, when I had to pull the acting, I was badly stressed out and horribly nervous. I had to express innumerable feelings. To resolve the nervousness, I’ve been talking about the work or character etc. Being an actor I learned many more things as a human being.”

The age difference between Kim Beom and Jeong U-seong is 16 years. Although the degree is almost father-son, Kim Beom called Jeong U-seong “hyeong”. Seonbae was also used, but it was merely a faux-pas.
“He was always considerate and dedicated to his juniors while shooting. Despite hardship, he never forgot manners or smile. I’d like to copy that attitude.”

During the bath scene all appeared naked.
“Everyone watched. He has a great body, so undressing scene made me very nervous. This was also my motivation to exercise myself for that to show, what I thought, my pretty body”, he added with a smile.

©Translation – Ethlenn

*Translator note:
1. I hope we all know what seonbae and hubae means.
2. I found Japanese translation of this article somewhere, if anyone wants.

He tweeted this, a 'thank you' to all, viewers included.

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