Thursday, February 09, 2012

Breaking the shell

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Actor Kim Beom, who played Lee Kook Soo in the drama "Padam Padam - The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats,” said, "I agonized over the character very much as the angel seemed to be too humane."

The "little prince" has disappeared and an excellent rookie actor has appeared. Kim Beom (23) abandoned his previous image of a handsome and bright man and he came back as a mature man with his brand new appearance in the JBC drama "Padam Padam - The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats," which finished airing on February 7. He played an angel in the drama, but the angel had a tough life. He was released from prison, and he even felt a strong impulsion to kill somebody even though he was an angel. The character Lee Kook Soo is an extraordinary character on a TV drama, and Kim Beom presented a completely new appearance for the first time in seven years since his debut. Kim Beom came to Samcheongdong on February 7 to give an interview with the same appearance of Lee Kook Soo except Lee’s gimlet eyes and sharp retorts, and he said with his original polite attitude, "I really wanted to become Lee Kook Soo while playing him. It was very difficult to express his complicated emotions and situation, but he was a very attractive and funny character.

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 I enjoyed it very much while playing him. He was such an unpredictable man, and I had been very curious about what he will do in the next moment while filming each episode. I could learn many things from this drama.” He continued, “Some people say that they like my previous image and some say that they like my current image, but I basically think that having and presenting various images seems to be a very good thing for an actor.”

The soft image of “little prince” that Kim Beom had shown for the past six years disappeared while he was playing Lee Kook Soo. He lost 11 kilograms, which makes him look very sharp, and his slender body and loose jacket gave him a tough appearance. Moreover, his vague eyes that sometimes look like those of an angel and sometimes like those of evil seem to have energy and vitality that he had never shown before. Kim said, “I was very shocked when my mother told me that I presented eyes of evil in the drama. My mother told me that she was shocked at my strong and tough facial expressions, but actually I was more shocked at her vocabulary, saying ‘evil’ (laugh).” But it was easy to notice that Koo Soo’s tough and hot-blooded temper did not originate from his evil character.
He showed profound affection towards Yang Kang Chil (Jeong Woo Sung) whom he believed he had to protect as a guardian angel. The reason Lee Kook Soo sometimes presented a demonic look was all because of his anger and hatred towards people who tried to hurt Yang Kang Chil. Kim Beom said, “Kook Soo is a very humane angel. There was no reference for the character, so playing him in the drama was very difficult for me. I always agonized over how to present the character, but I felt curious about the exciting character at the same time. I decided to appear in this drama as I had a strong trust in writer Noh Hee Kyung, so I depended on the script and played the character while hypnotizing myself by saying, ‘I am an angel,’ and I naturally came to have ardent love towards Yang Kang Chil. I was eager to find ways to save Kang Chil.” The angel, Lee Kook Soo, performed a miracle three times for Kang Chil, who had a time-limited life, but he could not protect him from dying at the end, which made Kook Soo feel skeptical about his existence as an angel. Kim said, “I think that Kook Soo makes us realize that a miracle is not something big, but a thing that we can easily perform with our strong will. And he also reminds us that there are many valuable and precious emotions that we forget while we are living in this tough world. I could learn many things from this drama, more than any other works, and I think that I might remember this drama for a long time in the future.”
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Kim Beom debuted in 2006 with his appearance in the sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick” as a high school student, and he became a representative pretty boy by playing the heir of a conglomerate named So Yi Jeong in the drama “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009. He became one of the Hallyu stars at that time, but he suddenly took a rest in 2011. Kim said, “I had rushed forward without much thought since debut, and it was like running a marathon without controlling my speed. I was overworked for several years, so I wanted to give myself a break for a year. I could think about many things while exercising and I could finally obtain energy to make a comeback.” Kim Beom’s previous image did not match the image of Lee Kook Soo at all, but Kim Beom persuaded the director and the staff members as he completely fell in love with the story after reading the script. After he was cast for the role, he perfectly changed his image. Kim Beom said, “I worked with the actress Na Moon Hee for a long time when I appeared in ‘Unstoppable High Kick,’ but she could not recognize me at first (laugh). She asked me why I had lost so much weight and she gave me snacks and food after that.” Kim Beom made his last comment, “I think that I could broaden my acting boundaries thanks to this drama while playing this extraordinary character. I want to challenge myself more with new experiences. I want to keep running for a long time while controlling my pace.”
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