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Jeong U-seong – one more mentor

Recently, the relations between ‘mentor’ and ‘mentees’ have gained more attention. It’s all because of abundance of audition programs. Shin Seunghun taught Shayne in MBC’s Star Audition, and Yi Beomsu – Son Deokgi in SBS’ Miracle Audition.

For Kim Beom (23), who appeared in 2006 in KBS2 Survival Star Audition, such great mentor became Jeong U-seong, whom he met while shooting series Padam Padam for JTBC. In this series, that wrapped up on Feb. 7th, Kim plays Kangchil’s cellmate who is also his guardian angel. He’s someone who’s always by his side and loves him more than a real brother.

“It’s more useful to talk to hyeong for 5~10 minutes than to sit alone at home and practice for 2~3 hours. Whenever I was trapped and worried ‘how should I do this?’ hyeong came and asked: ’You worry about this scene? How about doing it like this?’ It was kind of shocking, but I’m also grateful. I felt then he’s a deeply human, warm and considerate for his juniors. Then it occurred to me I’d like to be like him.” (laughs)

The shooting started last summer and ended on January 31st. One by one Kim Beom’s Guksu showed both his feelings and actions, and thanks to Jeong U-seong’s tutoring, they grew closer. Despite the drama ended, they are still in touch and he still gets advice from (Jeong) proving their close relationship. But not only Jeong U-seong, he got plenty of advice from Han Jimin, writer No Hee-gyeon, PD Kim Taekyu etc. “I learned a lot, I had will a lot” he recalled (많이 배웠고, 의지를 많이 했다).

He continues: “In the past, before one work ended, I had no possibility to look around to do another. However, this time I had nearly one year of rest, which I benefitted from a lot.  I can get some sense of direction now where should I go, and which may become a next step for me.”

Losing 11 kg for the role became another topic. His sleek image achieved to show compelling power of the drama, and deep, appealing character. Personal wish was also behind exposing the chest in certain scenes. (Ethlenn, you can finish this, you can!!)
It was building the self-confidence with one’s own body, different from that in High Kick and Boys Over Flowers. In this one, comparing to Jeong U-seong, he was lacking.

“After two first episodes aired, I got the feelings that those unknown people exercising around, wanted to help me. I alone looked fine, but with hyeong I resembled a kid. (laughs) Right now I’m eating well, and gained around 5 kg. Not exactly the disadvantage, but let’s say that it was a stimulant for not being able to lessen the nervousness. (불이익이 아니라 긴장을 늦출 없는 자극제였다고 할까요?)

He expresses personal thoughts in a straightforward, logical and honest way without much hesitation, and the same goes for his view on love. “It does not matter how many times you love, there is always something to protect despite aching heart, because of love. For an actor, love is of a great value, so I’d like to fall deeply in love some time. But of course, love is not something we can do alone. I wanted to experience this before current work started during my break, but no company appeared” he laughed.

“I wanted to experience this through the drama, but unfortunately, I had no such scene in Padam Padam. I have to wait for the next project. There will be a project on some love story or earnest drama. I’m waiting for a fated character. But then he changed the subject: “I’d like to have the chance to play someone to show both sides of a human nature – the light and shadow.”

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