Monday, February 06, 2012

Guardian Angel Kim Beom explodes

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   I wouldn't mind him giving... erm.. OK, let's stop here.
I was bored out of my mind during my consultation hours at work (one student came), so I was browsing mah friend that is google (yeah, they can track me) and I found one easy article but in Japanese. When I wanted to find the original for it, I must admit - I was defeated. I couldn't find the original source. The Japanese website didn't give the link back to the article. Talk about copyright protection, mehehe. Anyway, it's hard to believe (and concentrate) but 5 minutes ago I found the base article, by sheer chance (don't ask me what I'm doing). They are not exactly the same as the wording and some sentences are totally different, and I'm devastated enough to not re-translate it this time from Korean. I just added missing lines.
Forgive me my sleaz... laziness. 

This is what hardworking nuna did during lonely time at work but remembered only now:

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Guardian Angel Kim Beom explodes with anger

Actor Kim Beom garnered the interest of viewers thanks to his latest scenes where his scream caused goosebumps.
In episode 17 that aired on January 30th, while Kangchil considered involvement with Oh Yonghak incident (Kim Hyeongbeom), Guksu decided to take matters in his own hands instead of Kangchil, as he clutched the blade with the intention to kill Park Chan-geol (Kim Junseong).

Guksu, in spite of being an angel, decided to kill Chan-geol who wanted to frame Kangchil again, but he just passed through Chan-geol as if a ghost, and ended out with an outburst of tears and scream.

Chan-geol went toward him completely unaware of his presence. Meanwhile, Guksu’s wings started to lose feathers and became shabby, scattered mess. He displayed confusion and self derision for not being able to protect Kangchil despite being his guardian angel. His desperate scream cut viewers’ hearts. (me: tru tru)

Viewers wrote on the drama message board: “Kim Beom’s divine (or fantastic) acting gave me goosebumps”, “I was utterly absorbed into his acting”, “I felt so saddened when he screamed”, “As Kangchil is pitiful, Guksu who cannot protect him is also pitiful”.

As the ‘Guksu’s brain structure’ was revealed, we can see this “moron hyeong” thing, and Guksu will gather all his hopes to protect Kangchil until the very end.
Padam Padam is a story of the fate of a man who lived when he wanted to die and the human angel that protected his love.

©Translation – Ethlenn
*Translated: as ebbryfing on this mess-of-a-blog: me.

Additional info:
This is the "Guksu brain structure' *first one, the second is Kangchil's:

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