Thursday, February 09, 2012

Met Jeong U-seong through dream*

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I swear, he's such a weird young one. 

Anyway, this is the first part of the biggest article. The second part is the one with Jekyll and Hyde reference, post below. 

Met Jeong U-seong through dream*

Actor Kim Beom spent last 4 months happily and smiling. And in his smile there is a lot of happiness. He met us for Star News interview in one café in Samcheong-dong to talk about the drama.

Through JTBC’s Padam Padam that started in December last year, he made his comeback after a 1.5 year absence. For this work he lost 11 kg in two months changing into handsome young man.
In Padam Padam, he plays an angel who can foresee the future, and this character captured the attention of viewers. Audience couldn’t take their eyes off of his changed looks. And his ability to predict the future was also fascinating. However, angel Kim Beom, to his own, was quite disillusioned.

“I never felt I’m an angel. I played the role of a guardian angel. Thanks to this, I could express the consideration toward people around and passion for my work.”

He possesses the foresight in this drama. But he doesn’t seem to confuse drama with reality.
“As a child, I had some kind of dreams (예지몽: yejimong – a dream about the future) analogous to premonitions. It happened I escaped bad things when I understood I saw it in dreams. I had some trust in it, but believed only in good things.”

It’s something that happens to everyone. It may be called ‘déjà vu’, but Kim is not convinced to that. He finds yejimong exceptional. It’s a hint that those people really possess the foresight.
“I had dreams before casting for Padam Padam. I saw Jeong U-seong in those, and also I worked with other people. The dreams were fabulous, but reality was different. Starting shooting I thought we just met.”

Working on something like in a dream surely feels like yejimong. Lately he talked a bit about that.
“I dreamed there was an accident during live broadcast. I don’t appear in shows, so this dream made me feel weird. I don’t know the meaning of it, whether it’s a good thing or not.

Through Padam Padam, he both became happy and sent long-awaited happiness. He regretted that the last episode was aired on Feb. 7th.
“I had lot of worries about how should I present character called Guksu in this drama. But during this work, I learned a lot about acting and presentation. Despite my worries, the shooting was fun and interesting. And after it ended, it still reverberates deep down.”

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Blue bottle? Damn that looks nice.
He also said that both Jeong U-seong and Han Jimin were very helpful. He’s especially grateful towards Jeong U-seong.
“I learned a lot from Jeong U-seong seonbae. Be it on acting or on human nature. Whenever I felt down with the script, Jeong seonbae appeared like a ghost. Even 5 minutes with him were useful. If I could be the same older brother for my siblings, that would be great.”

It must have been hard to comeback after a year and a half. Also, weight loss and other troubles inside and outside, plus really cold weather while finishing.
“There were problems with eating or sleeping. But since it was my first work after break, everything became fun. It feels as if I quenched my 1.5 year long thirst. Although weather was really cold, because of the shooting it wasn’t that much of a problem.”

Kim said that he doesn’t want to lose those feelings he felt during filming Padam Padam. Using this opportunity he expressed the desire to be active in 2012. “I hope those who waited for Kim Beom are not weary of waiting.”

* 예지몽: yejimong – a dream about the future.

©Translation – Ethlenn