Friday, August 26, 2011

Another day

   Feel so drama deprived and down, and the best solution is? Give yourself an hour and troll here and there. There is always 1000% of certainty that something has happened in Kpop. And as Kpop brightens my days, some news, not news. Sorry for redundant post, have a fever. And not because of some septet or trio. Unfortunately.
PS. Anyone knows why embedding code doesn't work? Or is just my luck?
PPS. No more posts today, me iz the queen of typos and bad luck.
Au revoir.

But hey, JYJ is here, no worries^^


Any more nice news before I start to pour some laughter on something else?
Yes... actually, thinking carefully how to include the septed without making it too obvious...
Yesterday they won Dance Battle (well, Hoya and Dongwoo to be precise) and the more I watch the performances, the more I have the feeling that Hoya is camaramen's all time favorite. Not even the slutty Woohyun, oh damn, I feel so perverted now.
 Screw it, I will make a normal post for them.

Ekhem, so no more cuties.

As it happens in Kpop, SuJu was plagiarized by a Moroccan group:

It has been reported that SM Entertainment has claimed that Moroccan singer Tiraline has plagiarized Super Junior's "Bonamana." On August 26th, an official at SM Entertainment told Star News, "We had our music staff listen to the song. The Moroccan singer's song 'Matal Maghribi' is obviously a plagiarism. We will establish contact with the publishing company and will take appropriate action."
One of Tiraline's members revealed the song through SNS on February 7th.
(from Koreaboo)
The plagiarized song is Bonamana, one that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but trust me, once you hear it, you will remember till the last day of your life. I'm not a fan of SuJu and never understood their popularity, but one I have to admit - SMEnt has good people behind the music, like it or not, you will remember it.

And SuJu:

They are so freaking similar, I mean, well done.
As I wrote on DA, I would like to see the choreo for the MV, pweeze, maybe there is some "dance practice" ot hidden camera? I bet dance would be also similar. The same thing was also in SHINee case few months back (well, they got a lot of songs plagiarized, to be honest, first some Thailand artist, then Serbian one)

And last, but definitely not least... 
Jang Geunsuk to make a cameo appearance in the Japanese "You're Beautiful"
I could say - I told you so! I was more than sure, I could bet my whole drama collection on this.
His cameo will be featured in the 8th episode of the Japanese "You're Beautiful," which is set to air on September 2nd.(Koreaboo)
I see, he will play some fangirl... no, that would be too obvious, but maybe twin sister of one of those characters? Oh well, so many possibilities! I'm all so excited to NOT watch it!!