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More Infinite

Are you not bored yet? Oh well, like I care anyway!
I bet half of the names Woohyeon mentioned belongs to ladies. Ekhem, just sayin'...

These are their "thank you", and I must say they pretty brave for being so open with their faith. In our times, when bashing religion and faith is a norm, stating you are a believer is an act of courage.
Call me crazy, I officially became Inspirit.
Not joking, seriously registered. Let's see how long I will last till they kick me out, like the last time with casies, ufufufu...

Father God who always shines over me, my loving family members, my loving representative Lee Joongyeop, executive Jiyoung, head of department Youngjun, team leader Jungryul, Guhnam hyung, Hyowan hyung, Sooyeon nuna, Misun nuna, Hyein!!! And our loving head of department Sunam, Jooyeon nuna, Mia, thank you all very much.

Also the greatest choreographer, number 93 Dongmin hyung!(ADDM) I love oyu~
Teacher Heesun I love, thank you!!

Director Kangho I love, executive Ma, teacher Yeonhee, Youngran nuna, Okjae nuna, Hyojung nuna, Soojin nuna, Park Ahreum nuna, Lee Jinah, and all the staff of Red Carpet, thank you very, very much. Photographer Kim Jaewon I love, producer Hwang Sooah I love, thank you.

And producer Han Jaeho who endured through a lot, producer Kim Seungsoo, Sooyoon nuna, Boa nuna, Gwansoo hyung, Ahn Junsung, composer Go Namsoo, Seunghyun hyung, Joohyung hyung, Jisang hyung, and others, I thank everyone in the Sweetune family. Also, shy Jay hyung, thank you for the good song.

My idol that I love and respect, senior Nell! Thank you very much. Junghoon hyung who gave me a song that’s out of my league, thank you very much.

Inspirits I love who never hold back in caring and loving Infinite, thank you very much. Also, the loving members of Infinite, I really, really love you guys.!!

My father! Mother! Who’ve always been my strength whether from afar or nearby, and whenever. Big! Small! And when it comes to my worries about dancing, always Chunmin hyungnim! Gwangsu who’s working in a different country but still supporting me without any chance, Sugeun, Hwichang, Ilsoo, Jjoo, Hyungsuk, Butt Seokwoo, Jiwon, etc! Let’s all meet up and play at the playground!

Soojung who always whips me back into shape with her cold words, Sookyung, Ara, Sooji, Eunjoo nuna! After the filming, Koora hyungnim who made sure to tell everyone hwaiting without leaving anyone out! Kyungsuk hyungnim! Youngchul hyungnim! Jongsu hyungnim! Marco hyungnim! Kyungrim nuna who always took care of us from guests to wherever we went! And our CEO Lee Joongyeop who made sure to take care of each and every little thing from Infinite’s performance to the our outfits, conditions, etc!

Executive Jiyoung who knows without even taking a look at our conditions! And of course, leave rapping to Jungryul hyung! and head of department Youngjun who knows us very well! Misun nuna who plays the role of the supporting leg very weel ㅋㅋ Always have your stomach blown up! Sooyeon nuna! Heu~heu our vocal teacher Heesun who never forgets to take care of us even onceㅠ And of course, teacher Dongmin when it comes to dancing!!!yeah

Mom Soonam who already takes care of our styling! Jooyeon nuna who slightly does a bit more! Heu~heu Mia who doesn’t hide in taking care of us ㅋㅋ Our teacher Hyeran who doesn’t know much about faces but takes care of us and teacher Kangho who slightly tosses in the colors she wants! Our heart! Sweetune! Jaeho PD-nim, Seungsu PD-nim, Seunghyun PD-nim, Junsung hyung, Namsoo hyung, Joohyung hyung, Jisang hyung, Kwansoo hung, I love you. And Sweetune’s goddess, Sooyoon nuna, diva Boa nuna~ I love you~ Outsider J hyung thank you^^

Penny hyungnim who put his strength into editing the song for Dongwoo and Hoya! And the uncles, hyungnims, nunas, and dongsengs I couldn’t write down, you know how I feel about you all, right!?ㅎㅎㅎ There are so much people to thank, but it ends here…

Infinite’s components! Complete! Our members and Inspirit hwaiting!!! 7=1!
I love you all. !!!

I kept running for my dreams and future ever since I first dreamt of becoming a singer and somewhere along the lines, I released an official album through a group called ‘Infinite’.
As I look back at the times that I ran, I feel like I worked hard, really hard and put in my all.
This isn’t for anyone. I will keep running for my dream and only I, myself, can block my own dreams. I will not stop.
My father, mother, hyung, and realtives who gave courage to me whenever I was tired! And my 2nd father, Lee Joongyeop CEO~~!!!!! You are a really honorable person for having created my life, thank you.
Woollim’s best beauty, Chairman Jiyoung, the cool Lee Yongjun head, Baby bear Jungryulie hyung, Sooyeon noona, Giant Geonamie hyung, clumsy Hyowanie hyung, Nell seniors who always give us good advice, Goddess Jisun noona!! And Sunamie noona and Jooyeon noona who go through trouble together with us, Dongmin teacher who goes through trouble to think up cool choreography!! I really, really love our Woollim family… Sweet Tune family members who always take care of Infinite and make a happy recording mood!! Thank you so much.
M.C The Max’s Jay hyung who makes good songs and cool intros for every album!! Thank you~~ Hwang Sooah director who makes perfect music videos, Kim Jaewon photographer who takes amazing pictures, Red Carpet’s Kangho director, Hyeran, Youngran noona, Hyojungie noona, Okjae noona, and the many other Red Carpet family members, who create cool hairs and make-up, thank you!!
Bae Joonchul head, Hong Ilhwa head, Jeon Sangrok head, and the best vocal teacher, Hweesun teacher, who always gave us strength, be it before debut or now~
Thank you to Hodongie hyung, Hyeryeon noona, Myunghoonie hyung, Youngmi noona, Teukie hyung, Eunhyuk hyung, and Yesung hyung for giving me advice and encouragement when variety shows were really hard for me!!
Sungsoo hyung, Changryul hyung, Yeonwoo hyung, Jongho hyung, Hweesoonie hyung, Gaeun noona, Juri noona, and Eunjung noona who always took care of me because I was the maknae. Lucky Strike Team’s hyungs and noonas who I’ll never forget…. Thank you~~!!
After being connected through our first radio appearance, Mother Kyungrim who took care of us really well~ We are growing well ^^
My special people who always give me courage: Seonhyukie, Mansoo, Minho, Myungho, Geonwoo, Joobong, Sunggeun, Sanghyun, Sungyoung, Jahoon, Doyeon, Youngtae, Yejun, Jonghyun, Sungtaek, Sangheon, Taeyang, Sungmin, Hyukmin, Dongwoo, Homin, Sanggyu, Jungho, Honggyu, Sanggyu, and my other self who always listens to any of my problems, Kibumie~~~
And my university classmates, let’s keep going for~ward without any change!!
Inspirits, who always love us no matter what side we show, I love you so much.
I will always sing, cry, and laugh near by your sides.
Stay by our sides for not 10 years, but 100 years, ten thousand years.
Our Infinite members, fighting~~~~~~!!! Woollim fighting!!

To my loving family, my grandma, dad, mom, Hojae hyung, Hojun, I thank you first and I love you! Also, CEO Lee Joongyeop for allowing us to make our debut!

Our beautiful executive Jiyoung, friendly head of department Youngjun, head of department Ilhwa who left, nice Sooyeon nuna, n5 Jungryul hyung, big man Guhnam hyung, Hyowan hyung who endures through a lot, the best stylist Soonam nuna, Jooyeon nuna, Mia, Youngmi nuna, fan manager Misun nuna, Hyein nuna, thank you all of Woollim family! My favorite actor Jungwook hyung and trainee friends, Minjoong who I miss, Soojung, Jiae, Jia, Bohye who are getting prettier, hwaiting!

Beautiful Heesun teacher, the greatest uljjang choreographer Dongmin teacher who I thank for the many lessons! Also, thank you everyone of Sweetune family!

Red Carpet’s director Kangho nuna, Hyeran nuna, Youngran nuna, Soojin nuna, Okjae nuna, Minah nuna, Ahreum nuna, Hyojung nuna, and all the staff members, thank you!

Teacher Seungchan who made me fall in to hip hop, I respect and miss you! The members of bk, the greatest dancer Hyojin, Octopus, Seulgi~ I miss the days we used to dance on the streets! 2’o’clock daebak line Youngjun hyung who was in charge of the female fans, Woonghyu hyung who enlisted that I miss, my best friend Kwangsuk who used to sweep the battle floors, although we didn’t get to make our debut together, let’s all succeed and stand on one stage together! Also, my best friend Jjungmi, Hyojin nuna who I’m thankful for, Jongmoon hyung who I miss, Jangmoon hyung, Chulseung hyung, Hyunjin, Yeojin nuna, roommate Dongmin hyung, Janghyun hyung.

Jihoon hyung who’s in the army, Jihyung, Bareum nuna, Choa nuna and Heeyon who I’ll see in the broadcasting stations soon, Jaeho hyung who’s in charge of Hongdae, bread Jisoo nuna, Raccoon ham Soojung, Yeji nuna, Heonduk hyung, Ryeojin nuna, guitar teacher Oongchul, Sookhee, Jungyeon teacher, Boyoon nuna, and Wheesung hyungnim who gave me a good opportunity to experience. And Wooyoung hyung who is always emulated. Busan family doggy dog Youngwon hyung, awesome Ingook hyungnim, rapper of the rainy road AJ, Eungyo of Changwon, Raccoon ham, Soojung, Yeji nuna, Heonduk hyung, Ryeojin nuna, and the ones I couldn’t write on here… I love you all !!!

Lastly, my reason to live! Our Inspirit~
We’ll always show a more improving, awesome image in return! Thank you always and I love you all. And really for the last time, our Infinite members~
Grandpa Gyu, Jangjjin jjangddong, Nam Star, Sojun Yeol, L-Sama, and Lemon Jjong, let’s keep running for our dreams.!!

We, Infinite, have finally released our first official album.
From all the staffs and Woollim’s CEO Lee Joongyeop to Woollim family members, who helped and encouraged us before releasing the official album, I want to say that I really thank you!
And my one and only family ♥ Although we’re apart, I always miss you!! I’ll succeed and keep my promise. I haven’t forgotten it~
Daeyeol-ah, they say there are 3 chances given to a person so fully prepare yourself and grasp onto those chances!
The best creator, Lee Joongyeop boss-nim, I vow to stay at Woollim forever.
Youngjunie hyung, Jungryeolie hyung, Geonamie hyung, Hyowanie hyung, who always stay next to these 7 troublemakers. Even if I don’t say it, you know that I love you guys, right?! The best choreographer, Dongmin (Amazing Dancer Dongmin) teacher, make sure to keep your promise with us!!
Soonam teacher~ Jooyeon noona and Mia, who always give us cool clothes to wear!! I’m always thankful!! And Red Carpet’s Kangho teacher~ Hyeran teacher~ who makes us really cool that it can’t be explained in words. I always admire your skills!! Jaeho hyung, Seungsoo hyung, Suyoon noona, Seunghyunie hyung, Yooae hyung, Boa noona, Jay hyung, Joohyungie hyung, and Namsoo composer, who always picks out amazing songs and give us a lot of help, thank you for guiding the lacking me so that I could grow better.
And the directors Park Kyungryeol, Ahn Gilho and Ma Joohee teacher, thank you so much for letting me live with the name of Sojun and SBS’ ‘While You Were Sleeping’. And telling me know-how’s that couldn’t be learned quickly whenever we start filming ㅠ^ㅠ! I shall always show a learning posture!
Woosook teacher, Kim Hagyoon teacher, Kim Hakchul teacher, Lee Hyeja teacher, Jung Donghwan teacher, Park Joongeum teacher, Lee Deokhee teacher, thank you for teaching and grasping onto my lacking acting!! Shinhye noona, Woojinie hyung, Hyukjin hyungnim, Shinyoung sister-in-law, Minjoonie hyung, Hyunsung noonnim, and my wife, Hyunjoo, take care of me well for the filming that we have left!!!! And Oksoo hyungnim, Hyeondongie hyung, Dongjunie hyung, Jeongmin noona, and Jooyeon noona who always give me help during filmings, I shall become a Sungyeol that works harder!!!
And the members that I’m with for 24 hours!!!!!!!!! Leadah Gyuyomi (T/N: Gyiyomi is a term to say someone’s cute so he changed it to fit Sunggyu’s name), Jjangjiin Dongwoo, Namstar, Hoya, Blonde Jiu, Jjong! I love you to the point where I can’t explain it in words and kiss~~~~ ♥
Let’s not lose our main focus and even when 10 years or 20 years pas, let’s move around together as Infinite!! Since we’re one, if anyone betrays each other, we’ll go to hell like leader said! Let’s make our first official album a big hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A kid who dreamed of becoming a singer has taken a big step for an official 1st album. In spending nights agonizing and putting our hearts into it, we will work just as hard in having no regrets!^^

First off, to my father, mother, and Moonsoo who I can’t express in how thankful I am in any form of words. Also, Woollim family who helped bring together the name Infinite. Woollim’s boss, Boss Joongyeop, Youngjun hyung, Jiyoung nuna, Sooyeon nuna, Jungryul hyung, Guhnam hyung, Hyowan hyung, Hyein nuna, Misun nuna, Jungwook hyung! and also, 92er Soojungㅋㅋ

My high school classmates Colly, Hanbin, Hyungsuk, Minsoo, Jinho, Homin, Hyedong, and teacher Hayoung. Also, Joochan hyung who is alone whenever. Also got who looks like they’ll inflict harm but is really sensitive, lets watch a movie! Our Minhwan! Advice cupidㅋ Junghee nuna, click Boyoon nuna, tomato Sunmi nuna, teacher Nob of karaoke, nice Hyuktae hyung, thug Soohee, Min Sunhong who taught me about life, and producer Jo, I hope you recover soon!! Choreographer Dongmin teacher, vocal teacher Heesun, guitar teacher Oongchul, I love you~ Photographer Kim Jaewon, and of course producer Hwang Sooah who is the greatest MV producer. Soonam nuna who’s clothes are wins, Jjooyeon nuna, Myanim, Jieun nuna, director Kangho of scarlet Red Carpet, teacher Hyeran, aunt Youngran, Okjae nuna, Soojin nuna, Hyojung nuna, teacher Yeonhee! I love you!~ Shiny Sweetune composer Jaeho, composer Seungsoo, and composer Namsoo who will next time, Sooyoon nuna, Seunghyun hyung, Joohyung hyung, Boa nuna who needs to go on a diet, and Jay hyung!

And lastly, our Infinite members Sunggyu hyung, Dongwoo hyung, Woohyun hyung, Howon, Sungyeol, Sungjong. Inspirits who guide us to infinity and continually give us love. Aside from this album, to all those who worked hard for the seven of us in Infinite, I will just say one thing. I really love you. ♥~

First off, thank you to God, who is in the sky.
Wow~~~~! Offi!cial!Al!bum! Tada!! The official album that you have been waiting and waiting for has come out ^^
My cool dad who works daily in an office for a person named Lee Sungjong, my mom who is the prettiest in the world, and our makdoongie/youngest Seonkyu who is growing tall, I really thank you and love you!!!
Woollim’s boss, Lee Joongyeop CEO who always gives us words of encouragement and at the same time, thinks of us and takes care of us!! Woollim’s smart beauty, Jiyoung chairman!! Woollim’s ulzzang figure, Youngjun head!! The genius choreographer Dongmin teacher, beautiful voiced Hweesun teacher, and Baby bear Jungryeolie hyung!! Large eyed Geonamie hyung!! Cool Hyowanie hyung! Thank you!! Sweet Tune family!! Principal! Vice-Principal! Jung Euibong teacher! Jeon Ikpyo teacher! Kim Yonghyun teacher! Thank you for always being considerate and supporting me!!
Our pastor that always prays for me!! I love you ^^
Inspirits, who always give us infinite love and large support, and the staff members as well, I bend down and thank you genuinely! ^^*
Our members that are like magnets, Leadah Gyu hyung! Namstar hyung! Innocent Jjangjjin hyung! Almighty Boradori Hoya hyung who I admire! Elementary schooler Sungyeolie hyung!! Actor L! I love all of you. Our hyungnims who take care of me well and are loyal are the best! However, maknae ON TOP!

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 Infinite amount of cuteness^^