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   Six hours straight and I'm updated on every kdrama-llama out there. Some are pure nonsense as always, some are just repeated bullshit, but some news are just cuute. Like The Return Of The JYJ. Ohoho. And no, I didn't forget about The Diva's new drama in plans. Oh my, I think I'm gonna cry with laughter, no, joy! I meant joy! Gaiety!! I meant, nevermind... I had a lot of time to ponder during my break while indulging in mah boys performances, their stupid faces they make, and their awesomeness. Hell, I don't regret I was the (in)famous cassie, I don't regret I registered as Inspirit. Mwah! (and since the septed doesn't have anyone who is getting on my nerves or looks creepy, I'm not scared I will be kicked out like before, ekhem).
Back to the topic.
First of all - JYJ and their steady road. Oh, mah boys young men how I missed thee!
"Well met, well met, my own true love.
Well met, well met, cried he.
I've just returned from the salt, salt sea.
And it's all for the love of thee
"The House Carpenter"

   Yes, my poetic nature sometimes fights with my fangirl nature, and Good Grace! I have even the permission of St. Paul to fangirl: "Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Phil. 4:8". Amen.

JYJ members have been appointed as the new ambassadors for an international forum on AIDS. That's good. But I do hope they won't be screwed like the last time. 

The upcoming international forum in the Asia Pacific region is set to come to Busan, South Korea next week and has officially confirmed JYJ as their new promotional representatives.
The 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific is set to be held in South Korea on August 26 to 30. The event is a gathering composed of 4,000 AIDS experts and advocates across 70 countries in Asia Pacific. This is the largest conference in the region and the first international AIDS-related gathering to be held in the country.
As to why they have selected JYJ to be the representatives of the forum, the chairman of the organizing committee was quoted saying, “The appointment of JYJ to PR ambassador for the conference will help share common regional goals in Asia Pacific to prevent and fight against AIDS." The chairman added that the appoinment of JYJ symbolizes that Korea serves the international community with economic growth, cultural power and social responsbility.
Meanwhile, in response to their recent appointment, Park Yoochun sent out a statement saying, “As the PR ambassador, I have learned that AIDS patients can lead a healthy life with proper medical care. We will try our best to raise awareness in Asia." (koreaboo)

Yucheon - I mean, who wouldn't love this walking sunshine? He's not afraid of anything^^
You see, I troll here and there, but the man is a master of it. Well, him and Jonghyeon, keke...
Oh my poor heart...

Mah poor slutty boy almost collapsed too. I wonder when will that happen and happen it must.

On August 17th, Infinite held an inauguration ceremony for their official fan club, Inspirit, at the Children’s Grand Park in Seoul. Over two thousand fans attended the ceremony.

Infinite’s agency said, “Woohyun has not been feeling well since the day before the ceremony. He decided to get an IV at the hospital. Fortunately, he felt a little better and attended the rehearsal.”

Woohyun performed the song "Time" at the ceremony. He sang very well and received a thunderous round of applause. Infinite sang ten songs in total.

The television personality, Park Kyunglim was the MC for the event. They had a blind talk show and a surprise birthday party for group member Sungyeol.

During the ceremony, Infinite’s members gave individual performances. Hoya and Dongwoo rapped together, and Sungkyu and Woohyun sang their ballads "Because" and "Time." Sungjong and Sungyeol parodied girl group Orange Caramel’s dance moves for "Bangkok City."

Not enough of INFINITE? Don't worry, the crazy ho (that would be me) has some more:

Infinite participated in the ‘2011 Elite’s Nation Love Culture Asset Protection Camp’.

The school uniform company, Elite, came together with the Community Chest of Korea and sponsored it. This camp took place at the National Museum of Korea where the royal ‘Uigwe’ books, that were returned to Korea after 145 years, are displayed and they started demonstrating to bring back the cultural assets that were sent out to foreign nations.

Along with 50 children all around the nation, Infinite held a card sectioning and picket sign demonstration for the redemption of cultural assets. With the slogan of, “Please return our cultural assets.”, they held banners that were translated in Japanese, French, English and etc. for the major countries holding Korea’s cultural assets and demonstrated for the redemption of their cultural assets.

Along with this, Infinite spent a fun time with them by giving out signed CDs to the kids and taking pictures with them. On this day, Infinite thought about the importance of our nation’s cultural assets one more time and gave warm love to the neglected children, having a cheerful time at this meaningful and important event.

Infinite members revealed, “We’re proud to have been able to participate in such a meaningful event.” Adding on, “The kids we did this seem to be really cute and innocent. It was fun to go back to this kind of innocence with them.”

As “Elite’s Nation Love Camp” reaches its 7th one this year, they will be giving 100 won for every uniform sold to the ‘Historical Culture Camp’ to show kids who are neglected easily by their family and in society, ‘Nation’s Love, Neighbor’s Love’. This will start on August 17th at the National Museum of Korea and will end on August 19th, lasting for 3 days and 2 nights at Kanghwa-do.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; good day ; take out with full credits ♥

  (and this is a good purpose^^)

A online netizen claiming to be actress Han Ye Seul’s hairstylist expressed her own thoughts on the entire ‘Spy Myung Wol‘ production drama.
On the morning of August 17th, the individual tweeted,
As her hair stylist, I have spent more time with and around Han Ye Seul, and therefore I know exactly what went on during each shoot.
All these people who are pointing fingers at her, are they choosing to believe these big names in the industry, rather than someone like me who is close to her and knows the real situation? What kind of “honest” people are these network reps anyway that they would force their cast members to film for long hours, often forcing them to break through the night? This has gone on for two long months already. They write completely biased articles in their own favor, taking complete advantage of people like Han Ye Seul. They made her sacrifice sleep for two weeks straight and when she finally got a chance to crawl home, she most likely had a few hours at most to shut her eyes and rest her exhausted body. She probably passed out and when she opened her eyes, she realized she was late and rushed to the set.
So she was late.
If the director really knew what he was doing, wouldn’t he have shot a scene where they didn’t need her, in order to save time? But no, he doesn’t. He wasted precious shooting time and refused to work until she showed up. Thanks to him, the actress who slaved herself on set for two weeks straight and didn’t get a wink of sleep for 4 days is now the irresponsible, immature she-devil who kept her staff waiting. They have no regard for her as a human being.”
The girl stayed strong despite all of this. Wasn’t anyone worried about her? Wasn’t anyone worried that she would faint from lack of rest? They have zero respect for her as a human being. They used her like a slave, making up the hours as they went but as soon as she decided she had enough of them taking advantage of her, they turn the story around like they’re the victims in this whole ordeal. I understand the staff’s point of view, and I am sure they have their own reasons for issuing their public statement but this is really too frustrating. How could they release a statement like that after making her go through so much hell? Do they plan to continue to work their actors like that in the future?
I guess if you’re a celebrity, you are forced to sacrifice sleep for two months straight. You can’t afford to be late, you can’t be sick, and if you need to pass out from exhaustion, you need to do it in front of a large group of people so that you can prove how tired you really are. You have to be ready to be back-stabbed by the public and the people around you, and you have to do exactly what people tell you to do. I guess this is the life of a celebrity.
The things I learned from ‘Spy Myung-Wol’: You can’t be too nice, too honest, or too patient. Rather, you have to treat these people exactly the way they treat you. Otherwise, you will end up like Han Ye Seul. I wonder if they think she left the show simply because she was ‘too tired’.”
Source: mydaily via Nate ; allkpop

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JYJ and Infinite

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