Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Kdrama-llama in a nutshell

   Few news (or un-inews, in-news?) put all into one post.
First, SHINing boys, who will sing for upcoming Korea-Japan-China produced drama Strangers 6. The drama itself depicts the story between six members of international organizations in Korea, Japan, and China, who all work together to maintain the three countries’ joint economic zone. It is not easy, because they have to overcome the bias and negative feelings towards each other. I say - good luck. Another Mother Theresa (who was really great woman, btw.) of a drama, showing us all good people united, overcoming personal and national prejudice. I bet there won't be any flag-burning or Yasukuni visiting moments. Ekhem... As much as I laugh about the title (which is stupid in my opinion), I'm well... how to put it... please don't remind me of their song for Haru, mkey? End of the story. 

   The pictorial for Marie Claire Korea (*dear viewers, now a short break, the writer needs to wipe that pond of drool*).
OK, let me get things straight... where on earth there are such parties? Me is going! And why never such a guy got hmm... "wasted" in my bathroom? I would find some other... nevermind... my brain is not working anymore.


Last, but definitely not least - Infinite:
Too bad that will change when SuJu comes to the playground. Even now they hit the jackpot with the teaser of their album.
Eh well, will be waiting for boys next release.