Tuesday, August 02, 2011


   That would be every day. Ekhem... I was wondering about the excuse to post anything about talented septet, and woolliment gave me an ideal excuse - dance version of Be Mine. Fangirl ranting alert!

   Everyone knows that when I hate, I hate with fire of thousand hells, but when I love, I love as strong as mountains. And for the first time, when talking about the group, I'm still unable to choose the favorite member. With SHINee I didn't have this problem, there was only Jonghyeon and no one else. I saw the rest weeks later, ekhem.
But here? They are too individualistic to do this. Everyone has his own quality that makes him loveable, be it slutty Woohyeon (me likes sluts, yes), little nut Dongwoo, wild Hoya or cutie Sungjong. Or maybe professional Sunggyu? Ah, whatever!
And yes, since I have always loved to watch men dancing, I don't find anything weird in watching... men dancing. Yes, Jacko's Bad, Smooth Criminal and Beat It screwed my bwainz forever. Blame those MV.

And other video (don't mind the bad audio quality, it's recorded stream from radio show) with Sunggyu singing...

The funny thing is, they still try to move when singing here, keke. I guess dancing became their second nature.
Oh yes, Woohyun the slut flashed his abs once again.