Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Celebrity is dating.

    "Omg, oh noez, mah fangirl heart will explode with anger!! How could he done this to me??"
That was few months back, with Jonghyeon case, poor idiot admitted he was dating and pics of him embracing his then-girlfriend created a typhoon. What a storm then followed! I have never seen such havoc about dating. True, I saw netizens rage in Jihun's case, but not the freaking dating. 
Actors/singers are not human? Do they have to stay single or lie about it and date in some bunkers just to please hormonally unbalanced 15-yo imbeciles?
How on Earth and Saturn someone else's life affect those dimwits so much? They never met and probably never will, so instead of wishing all the best with love, they are "heartbroken", "cheated", "disappointed". Disappointed with what? With the fact that your "oppa" has a girlfriend and you still prop up the wall on the school ball? Mah poor idiot bowed down in tears expressing apology (I bet SMEnt has its share in this move) just because he committed the crime worst than any canibalistic ritual - he dated. 

It still puzzles me how fangirl's brain (?) works. And although I can point out some patterns on it, the overall dynamics of it leaves me speechless. There are tons of sh*t on the web in netizens comments, they go sometimes too far, they execute the power of masses. But apparently they have no idea about nuclear physics. There is something called critical mass. And there are in fact few factors that lead to nuclear chain reaction and explosion. And I hope for such explosion in netizens little bordered world. I just want the hell unleashed upon them. They are too free and too scary in their actions (lately it's beeen reported that some of them creeped into hotel where SHINee boys stayed in, oh well).

So yes, Lee Minho and Park Minyeong are dating. So what? Should they be stoned because he's someone's "oppa"? And he broke the hearts of those thousands who thought of themselves as the only one that possesses his heart.