Thursday, August 25, 2011

August dramas

   Right now I'm stuck with 6 dramas, and I pray some of them should end before September hits. Not the one that started last Saturday. It is scheduled for 50 episodes (kyaaing with happiness), but some will probably end. I have no eyes and time for more, to be honest, and there are some older ones I'd like to watch as well.
Not that anyone should care what I think about this-and-this drama, but since I started to do such short reviews and explaining why I'm watching, I decided to write again. As all reviews, be it mine or anyone else's, it is subjective. Highly subjective. Sometimes it's my personal whim why I start some dramas, sometimes plot interests me, and sometimes the names. Yes, I do watch dramas for names.

   First and foremost, Warrior Baek Dongsu. I love it so much I can't wait to get back to my normal state to watch (my eye almost pops out with pain, so me is not watching now). It's sageuk, so I think it closes every question on why I'm watching it. But there are sageuks I hate (Iljimae) or those I dropped cause they were annoyingly stupid (The Duo). I do like Warrior even though they distorted the history a bit and I think it's unfair and useless, but what can I do? I'm stuck with those idiots. And some darkness around them.

   Second, The Princess' Man. Apart from brilliant acting from everyone involved, this is a dark, gripping drama about love intertwined with vengeance, hate and death. Very dark, but very moving. And I want to make something clear. After watching first episode I made a mistake. I thought they showed wounded Seung-yu, I thought it's taken from his dying moment, but no. It was only when his father died. But, to be honest it would be much better for him to die along his father. And I like how Se Ryung is changing. Not a flowery girl anymore, but a desperate woman.

   Third? And fourth? Protect the Boss... Koreans do know how to make a comedy without overslapsticking (yes! new word!) it or making it just stupid. It's fresh, funny, light. Ji Seong is cute, childish, but he has another side to him here. And I must admit, Jaejung is not half as bad as I was sure he would be. He's trying, and I can give him some credits for that. Plus, he's on time on set. Point for him.
A Thousand Kisses started off and immediately stole my heart. And I'm glad I watched it. I have now my fix for long, family, mature drama. With mature content and normal problems.

Gyebaek... at first I was "What the hell I'm watching?", but then suddenly remembered - Baekje. Therefore the armors and dresses were for a moment alien. Truth be told, ever since QSD ended, I don't think I saw any sageuk (well, true, QSD is a taeha, but whatever) that is not set in Joseon period. I don't count Kim Suro, because I dropped this, brr. It's great, so far. And it's nice to see Lee Minho, the kid that was in Revenge of Gumiho, and of kors, Jeon Nomin. The cast is simply stellar.

The Scent of a Woman is the slowest on my list, not because the main protagonist is dying, but I'm more concerned about cocky Dongsu to tell the truth. But I will catch up with this too. Soon.

So, to close this short by unforseen circumstances post, I have to say it once more - I point out why I watch some dramas, it doesn't mean everyone has to believe my taste. We constantly clash over dramas either here, on D-A or msn. That means we are not cut to think alike. It's good, we don't repeat someone else's words. 
Oh my poor head.

And I started one jdrama. I don't want to delve into it, because it's all for my fangirling purpose. Nothing more, I don't care about the plot even.
Seriously, something's not right with me head...