Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yucheon won^^

Ah, finally something nice in this unlucky period of mine. This walking sunshine always makes me smile^^
from hancinema:
Yahoo Korea's survey on the most popular actor in each country with the "Seoul Drama Awards 2011" coming up soon, resulted in Park Yucheon.
As a result of the survey conducted online by Yahoo Korea from the 18th of July to August 16th, in Korean, English and Japanese, 48 thousand voted for Yucheon as the most popular actor in the "2011 Seoul Drama Awards" out of 115 candidates. The total votingnumber was 130 thousand.
Following Yucheon ("Sungkyunkwan Scandal") is Jang Geun-seok ("Marry Me, Mary!"), and Kim Jae-won ("Can You Hear my Heart"). The most popular actress are Moon Geun-young "Marry Me, Mary!"), Park Min-yeong ("Sungkyunkwan Scandal") and Ha Ji-won ("Secret Garden").
The most popular Japanese actor and actress are Kamiki Ryunoske and Ashida Mana, and the most popular Taiwanese actor and actress are Woo Jeong-di and Zien Manshu.
Ziao Tong Wi and Cheong Hao from China took first place for the most popular actor and actress and Wayne Lai and Eyu Cheong and Charmaine Shei from Hong Kong.
Those who have been chosen as the most popular in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong will receive the Netizen Award at the "2011 Seoul Drama Awards". The event will take place on the 31st at KBS Hall at 5:20PM and it will be broadcasted on SBS TV.
Meanwhile, Yahoo! Korea is the official online partner for the "Seoul Drama Awards".

Yes, I voted too. And I cheated too. Sue me. Too bad there are no minus voting, because I would be more than delighted to pour a bucket of a cold water on some pompous curly head. Oh well...