Monday, August 29, 2011

The Princess' Man - Ship Scene

   I'm abnormal, yes, but I do love those ship scenes. I love them so much I cut zem, joined and now I can guiltlessly watch those 11 minutes. Although the beach scene and forest run were also awesome. Should I cut them too?
Any news? Soon, Seung-yu and Seryeong will meet. And not like in ep 12, 'cause it's not the meeting. Can't believe already half of this drama has passed.
Update: video added^^

For those who like it as well - lossless 720 version:

Sorry for the lack of video playing here, the file size is 222 Mb and I'm lost where to put it.

Here it is, resized to flv, so just for a preview purpose. This is shot in a movie style, so such crappy video version hardly does the justice.
Am I spazzing?

Enjoy the views, action and music^^